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  1. Mario Speedwagon

    New Rule Proposal

    My new rule proposal states: 88.) All Jewish posters must wear the following avatar.
  2. Mario Speedwagon

    Rule 12 Modification

    Rule 12 currently states: 12.) Rules adjustments can be voted on in the same week that moderators are voted on, every 6 months. Until that wraps around suck it up buttercup. My proposed modification is as follows: 12.) Rules adjustments can be voted on at any time by submitting a proposed...
  3. Mario Speedwagon

    Rule 9 Modification

    Rule 9 currently states: 9.) Spoiler tags in the TV and Movie sections are encouraged. TV spoilers will be encouraged for the first 24 hours after it airs, Movie ones will be encouraged for the first week. Anything before the TV episode or movie airs will be edited into a spoiler and a warning...
  4. Mario Speedwagon

    Rule 1 Modification

    Rule 1 currently states: 1.) No NSFW material outside of the Screenshots sub forum. This is any nudity or simulated pornography. Inside of the Screenshots sub forum, images of gore or scat must be spoilered. My proposed my modification is as follows: 1.) No NSFW material outside of the...
  5. Mario Speedwagon

    Rule 15 Modification

    Rule 15 currently states: 15.) In the event of a tie vote by the moderators in any matter, the question will be brought to the people for a final decision. A poll will be made in the comments/suggestions forum with the same options that the moderation team had available and will run for 48...
  6. Mario Speedwagon

    The Right Stuff Dot Biz Home to the best RACIST podcasts on the web. Flag ship shows are TDS and FTN. One episode of each show per week is behind $10/mo paywall. Strike & Mike is the premier paywall only show. The latest episode of Strike & Mike is an interview of E. Michael Jones with Mike Enoch...
  7. Mario Speedwagon

    ZyyzYzzy and the Future of Moderation

    As you are all aware by now, @ZyyzYzzy has been removed from the staff as a result of violating the moderator code of conduct. He knew the rules and agreed to them before taking the position. He broke pretty much the only rule, that being not to spread private communications in public in an...
  8. Mario Speedwagon

    9/11 was an Inside Job: Jews, Lizards, and You

    @lumie Please post all conspiracy related news here. P.S. Cancer isn't real, eat your garlic.
  9. Mario Speedwagon


    Welcome to the program patient a_skeleton_03. I look forward to treating such an esteemed retard as yourself. If you could please, in your own words, explain why you think you have been placed in my care. Feel free to include the text of the infraction that placed you here and links to posts are...
  10. Mario Speedwagon


    Welcome to your new, hopefully temporary, home patient TecKnoe. If you could be so kind as to post the infraction that has landed you in my fine facility, the healing can begin.
  11. Mario Speedwagon

    Shenmue III

    Shenmue 3 by Ys Net Kickstarter I've waited 14 years to kill Lan Di. Now I only have to wait like 3 more. FUCK YEAH
  12. Mario Speedwagon

    Rehabilitation: Rules & Regulations

    Hello retards and welcome to the road to recovery. I'll keep this short and to the point. Here are a few guidelines to follow if you'd like to expedite your rehabilitation and be on your way to becoming a valued member of the RerolledT community. . In order to begin your rehabilitation, you...
  13. Mario Speedwagon

    Furious 7 (2015)

    Saw this trailer at the theater last night. I think when Vin literally said the words "One last ride..." it confirmed for me that this would be the greatest movie of all time. I can't wait.
  14. Mario Speedwagon

    Dr. Mario's Retard Rehabilitation Program

    I am now providing counseling for our local retard population. If you would like to have your sentence commuted or feel you need an extended stay, this is the place to request such. If you want to talk about your retarded feelings, I am here to help. This is a safe place.
  15. Mario Speedwagon


    Fuckin' LOL. Shit storm inc.
  16. Mario Speedwagon

    The Children's Thread

    This thread is for people who aren't quite grown up yet to talk about the serious issues in their lives and what they want to be when they grow up. I want to be an astronaut or superman.
  17. Mario Speedwagon

    Would Gaige Think Cathan's Step Daughter is Hot?

    Adult discussion only pls. This is a serious topic.
  18. Mario Speedwagon

    Wallpaper Thread

    commence dumping
  19. Mario Speedwagon

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

    Let's get this rolling again.