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  1. Big Phoenix

    Thanks to wow I now have a prison penpal, or maybe I was trolled

    Just had one of the most absurd interactions in my life and I do not think it was a troll. So logged into retail wow earlier, no idea why now but when I did some random guy who I ran past messaged me telling me I need to spread the word about a prison riot thats going on in Georgia atm and...
  2. Big Phoenix

    non holiday movies that are really holiday movies

    So by now id assume everyone is familiar with the whole Die Hard is actually a Christmas movie even though its supposed to be hard action movie. In this vain, what are you entrants into this category? Mine is American Psycho;
  3. Big Phoenix

    turn that shit off

  4. Big Phoenix

    amy adams has a clone that does hardcore porn

    Thought you forum bros(looking @ you @a_skeleton_03) would like to know Amy Adams has a clone that does hardcore porn. It is mostly heavy roleplay stuff though, so you may need to mute it. School Bully's Mother Full Vid MILF POV Lady Fyre -
  5. Big Phoenix

    Second debate internet questions

    So which internet submitted questions do you think they will take? ABC & CNN could ask YOUR debate question! Vote here. Im going with; If you deport my parents, what happens to me? I am 6 years old and an American citizen. I have a 3 year old sister who is also an American. My heart is...
  6. Big Phoenix

    Biggest video game disappointment?

    What is your biggest disappointment when it comes video games? Mine would have to be Starcraft 2. The original is probably my most played game of all time. For a solid 7 years it was a game I played pretty much once a day. I didnt care at all for competitive play, I exclusively played custom...
  7. Big Phoenix

    The girls with big buttholes thread

    Please tell me my thread made it over? Easily one of the top 5 from rerolled ss.
  8. Big Phoenix

    Whats rustling your jimmies?

    Was filling up my water at 7-11 when I see a man and I assume his son and walking towards the entrance.  Kid has his faced glued a god damn ipad or some tablet while walking the 10 feet from the car to the entrance.  His dad had to guide him through the doors because kid didnt even take his eyes...
  9. Big Phoenix

    Prison Break

    Prison Break Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Crime First Aired: 2005-08-29 Overview: Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to...
  10. Big Phoenix


    Text 888222 "raincheck" for free burrito. Will send you link to enter in name and zip and in a free days a code for a free burrito.
  11. Big Phoenix

    Deep Thoughts, with jack handy

    You bros ever see something and start to over analyze it? For me its women on places like reddit's gonewild section. I dont think any guy(maybe if you look like captain america?) can really comprehend just how much attention a decent looking woman, let alone one that is an all around 10/10...
  12. Big Phoenix

    suck hitlers dick or go down on hillary clinton

    Which would be worse?
  13. Big Phoenix

    Do male to female trannies go to a gynocologist?

    Is Caitlyn Jenner gonna have to start seeing a obgyn?
  14. Big Phoenix

    i broke my penis, please help

    how can i fix this? anyone have this happen to them?
  15. Big Phoenix

    The Rerolled Draw Mohammed thread

    Lets see what you guys can do, heres mine; OC only please, no reposts
  16. Big Phoenix

    i got some bad news guys

    Turns out ramon from bangbus is gay Marvelous Asian shemale takes two big cocks -
  17. Big Phoenix

    The joy of photobucket

    Nothing better than trolling photobucket recent uploads section to find some nice hot cuckold action; Mobile Uploads Photos by jessicalomeli1 | Photobucket post your best finds bros
  18. Big Phoenix

    who buys this shit?

    Acne Studios - Dresses - SHOP WOMAN - Shop Shop Ready to Wear, Accessories, Shoes and Denim for Men and Women their models look like girls J49 picks up for a good time $1850 never looked so horrible someone hook me up with a pair of $300 sweatpants
  19. Big Phoenix

    Any real estate lawyers around?

    Have a rather pressing legal matter need some help with.
  20. Big Phoenix

    If Hermione fucked a muggle

    would it result in a squib or wizard?
  21. Big Phoenix

    okcupid is the worst

    jesus fucking christ okcupid get it together
  22. Big Phoenix

    sweet car mods

    lets see yours, heres a nice diy I did this weekend, the spoiler gives me 25% more downforce
  23. Big Phoenix

    I want everyone to make noise for boise too min

    You know theyre feeling bad about going from one of the biggest r&b groups in the mid-late 90s to being backup singers/dancers for Bieber, show them some love
  24. Big Phoenix

    Why was Izo banned

    And dumar the communist is allowed?
  25. Big Phoenix

    Waco pt2? Standoff in Nevada over cattle on BLM land

    How do you guys see this ending? The feds gonna murder some innocent children again?
  26. Big Phoenix

    Did Little Forrest have aids?

    Im pretty sure he did. Its almost certain Jenny contracted it from her days of whoring and drug use before hooking up with Forrest(and thus possibly giving it to him as well) as its not likely she would of continued partying like she did once she learned she was pregnant(or if she did Little...
  27. Big Phoenix

    If u could be 1 dinosuar, what woudl it be?

    I would be a trex so i could ass fuck that little shit little foot and his mom
  28. Big Phoenix

    Was project pat ripped off by willie d?

    you guys think this was ripped off by the hoodie song?
  29. Big Phoenix

    Why are people such whiny cunts on this forum

    Duppin, Sunieg and a whole host of other tards. Why?
  30. Big Phoenix

    Most screwed up thing your parent/bro/sis/gf/bf has told you?

    When my dad had an open relationship with his girlfriend who died 8 years ago which allowed him to be a pretty big man whore. Couple years ago he told me how one night he was banging some random skank and his girlfriend was in their bedroom closet with the door cracked open watching and...
  31. Big Phoenix

    how pig your benis?

    I'm a solid 5 what about you guys?
  32. Big Phoenix

    Babylon A.D.

    In honor of the Prometheus thread ib thought we should revisit this experimental sci fi movie. While watching it I drew strong parallels to many earlier movies in the genre, specifically johnny mnemonic. What is everyone else's thoughts on Babylon?
  33. Big Phoenix

    NIN to tour again

    Best news ever;
  34. Big Phoenix

    Requesting your votes....(Tits Included)

  35. Big Phoenix

    Political Affiliation

    No stupid answers, use this so we can flame each other in the politics thread
  36. Big Phoenix

    Kerbal Space Program Why arent you playing this yet? Build your own space rocket(and planes) and try to do everything form just getting it to launch and into space, rendezvousing spacecraft in orbit, to landing on the moon and coming back. Game is pretty much one big sandbox...
  37. Big Phoenix

    Phoenix's Dubstep Thread

    If youre a fag and like dubstep this thread is for you.
  38. Big Phoenix

    Domestic Violence/Violent Neighbor, what to do?

    Long story short, women moved into the apartment next to me about two months ago and brought her piece of shit boyfriend with her(he technically does not live there, he is not on the lease so Im told). Ever since that there has been constant fighting between them at all hours of the day...
  39. Big Phoenix

    please post if you're REALLY A GUY but pretending to be a woman

    Please out yourself now so we can no longer have any hiccups.