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  1. Big_w_powah

    Relocated from Dallas to Seattle

    Well, I'm here, somewhat settled in, and Kung Flu fucks this place over like I've never seen. Anyone from the area able to tell me some shit I gotta check out when ChinaAids goes away?
  2. Big_w_powah

    North Colorado - Denver/Fort Collins Area

    Hey all, My job is toying with the idea of moving me up to Northern Colorado. Have offices in Denver and Fort Collins, and I'd get my pick. I'm leaning towards Fort Collins. Was wondering what kind of culture shock I'm in for, having been born and bred a Texan?
  3. Big_w_powah

    Suggest me games

    Hiya all, Long time no see. I havent followed gaming for shit lately. Basically, I'm looking for a few criteria in games. My favorite series ATM is Monster Hunter. While I know I wont find an action RPG that matches MH in what MH does best, there are some basic fundamentals of that game...
  4. Big_w_powah

    The Fucked Up Shit That Happened To You Thread

    Today is gay pride in Dallas. I took my son, since he is gay, to this event. Keep in mind hes still a teen. Outside the event there are protesters. As I'm walking by, one grabs my son and me and starts shouting rhetoric that sounds like he memorized the Westboro handbook. Now, I'm all for...
  5. Big_w_powah

    Downloading Movies

    Where do this? If this is against some rules, just delete.
  6. Big_w_powah

    Old School MUD

    Curiously, If someone were to develop an oldschool MUD style game, would you guys check it out?
  7. Big_w_powah

    Pokemon MMO Theory Thread

    Put that shit here; I'm not joking, this has promise.