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  1. Slaanesh69

    Slormancer - Early Access ARPG

    Anyone played this? I bought it during the Steam sale, having watched it for a while. It is not bad, actually, for those of you who are ARPG afficionados. Definitely in the top half of the ARPGs released in the last while. Edit - Early access - eg - there is an Ancestral skill tree that...
  2. Slaanesh69

    I Found The Foler Alt.

    Hey guys, I found out who is the Foler alt. He got butthurt over an exchange of words in the Ukraine thread, stopped posting but was salting my posts, and after a couple of days I just got this. Apparently we are all self radicalized. This is fucking hilarious.
  3. Slaanesh69

    Lost Ark Is Coming to America

    Lost Ark Is Finally Coming to NA It has been something like 8 years but the Korean ARPG is coming to NA late this year. Via Amazon, kill me now, please. Anyway, there is a $120 Founders pack on Steam. What the actual? Interdasting that it is around the planned release for Diablo 2...
  4. Slaanesh69

    Lobotomy Corporation

    I picked this up on Steam sale and have been puttering around in it this week. I described it to a fellow nerd coworker as a "horror roguelike management sim with RPG elements and a flavor akin to Cabin In The Woods". It is somewhat difficult but I am enjoying the slow reveal of the various...