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  1. Kaines

    College Basketball 2022 Tournament

    Play-in games start this Tuesday. Sic 'em Bears!!
  2. Kaines

    Soccer 2019/2020

    Now that all the international bullshit it out of the way, we can get down to REAL soccer.
  3. Kaines

    2019 Alliance of American Football - Regular Season

    Let's go Commanders!!
  4. Kaines

    College Football 2018-2019 Season

    Let's start this thread off right with the rules for next season. NCAA Approves 2018 Kickoff Rule Change; Impacts Fair Catches Within 25-Yard Line Why even have kickoffs at all?
  5. Kaines

    The O'Reilly is Out at Fox News Thread

    Sources: Fox News Has Decided Bill O’Reilly Has to Go Bets on new host for time slot?