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    MLB 2014 Season Thread

    Spring training's here, so it's time for a new thread. Will the Rangers go 0-162 as Ian Kinsler hopes? Will that make the heads of our resident Rangers fans explode? Stay tuned!
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    On a scale of 1-10, how much of a pedo is Gaige?

    Let your voice be heard here so Amod will take the appropriate action.
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    Sean complaint box

    This thread is for complaints about the moderator, Sean.
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    Portland? As a moving destination, not for travel

    Long story short, I went to Portland last month and I really really enjoyed it. I live in Seattle now, and Portland has a lot of what I like about Seattle but it's also just much more laid back and has nicer people. Better beer, too. Anybody live there now? I'm wondering what the cost of...