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    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 5 - the Final Four!!

    Folder only shits up his own thread because he's been banned from shitting up the rest of the forum. He's top quality Prime Grade wagyu asshat.
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    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 5 - the Final Four!!

    Foler vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet - Easy Choice Bubbles vs. RobXIII - Bubbles' attempts at memes still hold the edge over aspergery parachutes of RobXIII.
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    2022-23 NFL Season : Herbert's march to Glendale

    The NFC is going to be f'n weird going into the playoffs if current trends continue. Almost guaranteed 3 NFC East teams, and potentially 4 if the Seahawks can't keep the fires up.
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    General Gaming News and Discussion

    Ugh, my bad for not reading all the shit. I thought the issue was with dongles (the wired controller is two pieces, typically, with a dongle on one end) being the dongle in question, not general purpose wireless use. :confused: Though I will say, I have never used a wireless controller with a...
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    You know you're getting old when.....

    I'm only 41 but fuck, I can definitely feel the difference in recovery time from random injuries. Plantar Fasciitis from shitloads of walking (blue heeler, not a ranch owner? Problems if not walked enough) that instead of taking a few days to get back to speed, is at least a week+ each time...
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    General Gaming News and Discussion

    I have had the same Xbox 360 wired controller working flawlessly since I started using in whenever the 360 first came out. It's a beast.
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    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 4. It's getting exciting!!!!

    Folder v. BoozeCube - I stand by my guns. He may not rejoin us outside of the big house for months, but I think he's put in the effort. Mudcrush Durtfeet vs. Bandwagon - Black pills aside, this comes down to contributions and one mostly contributes emojis. That's asshattery. Lightning Lord...
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    Slumberland (2022)

    I had no idea about the old "comics" at all but the animated flick from the 80s was a favorite of mine as a kid. Also kinda dark.
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    Funny, Strange, Random Pics

    Anything Soundwave related makes me immediately recollect his voice. I can hear the picture. Related: Just to clarify, I hear 3/4 and I assume the pirate is the LazyTown song. Because whenever I see a pirate anything, that stupid hilarious song pops into my head.
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    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 3! Do It!

    Foler vs. BrutulTM - c'mon, man! Soygen vs. BoozeCube - I honestly can't remember disliking anything Soygen has ever posted. Araysar vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet - Eraser is a little repetitive in some threads but Mudcrush is like an afk-bot that just auto-dislikes things. Bandwagon vs. DickTrickle...
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    Ah ok, you're talking Tactics Ogre, not Final Fantasy Tactics. I was talking Final Fantasy Tactics :) I think I'm misremebering the bard class, but it does have a map wide "your side" +1 speed bonus song, that includes itself. So the spell starts triggering faster and faster and your team...
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    It comes down to game knowledge. If you aren't looking to steal stuff in general, you don't. Especially since you get them super early, -clearly- thieves can't be incredibly powerful/useful as time goes on, as you get "better" classes. Once you realize NPCs have rare gear on them, you go full...
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    It's been awhile since I've played, but there's also a general "drift" of Faith/Brave between fights if you raise/lower them. Ramza starts like dead middle I believe, but if you keep him melee and doing accumulate/shout spam/etc, eventually he ends up with incredibly low faith and incredibly...
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    The Metal Thread

    I'm apparently a bit out of the loop. Not sure I would call their recent releases all that "metal" in general aside from leaning super heavily into progressive rock, but I was a massive fan of their first three albums. The Sword is apparently no more...
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    AssHat 2022 Voting Round 2!!!

    Folder vs. Gavinmad - didn't he claim someone was dead? Lithose vs. BrutulTM - Lithose hasn't posted in ages; default winner Soygen vs. Zapatta - no opinion Masakari vs. BoozeCube - no real opinion Araysar vs. Mr. Sox - Mr. Sox won't appreciate it since he's a bot Izo vs. Mudcrush Durtfeet...
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    I wouldn't even call it hard for the normal gameplay - the Weigraf 1:1 fight just has an absolutely retarded save point right before and if you weren't doing multiple saves (siblings/parents that played the PS1 a lot; memory card space wasn't free for my 17 year old unemployed ass) can...
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    FFT is all about abusing shout on Ramza to give him like 10 turns to everyone else's one, and then using the monk class to run around like Saitama one punching everything. Best playthrough. Harvestella is a switch/PC farming game thing. I will save everyone on the fence some money: wait for...
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    MMA Thread

    Sad times =/. Hope he had enough from his fights to support whatever family he had.
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    The Animated GIF Thread

    So don't buy Paydays. Check!
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    MMA Thread

    This is Edgar's farewell fight; last one before he is out.
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    God of War: Ragnarok

    Ended up canceling my Amazon order - ETA was moved back to Saturday so I opted out and got digital instead. Yeah it's only a few days but there's zero chance everything isn't spoiled for me if I waited for the physical copy. Co-workers are absolutely shitheads about that kind of stuff.
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    Playstation 5

    The thing you'll just have to deal with is the queueing period for the game, and the timeout. If you leave the game idle for too long, it will log you out to let someone else use the machine in the datacenter. I'm not sure if it puts you in exactly at the same spot when you come back and...
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    The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

    He interrupts people way too much. Like I'll listen to 2 Bears 1 Cave and other than him saying dumb shit occasionally, he just constantly interrupts Tom/guests. He's like a little kid trying to get his point across even though everyone else has moved on or his point is "Yes, some cars are...
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    Final Fantasy XIV (Guide in first post)

    I've been using FFXIV Clock forever; I know they added the ingame timers/etc but having it on a second monitor makes the process a little easier.
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    Black Adam (2021)

    Might check this out when it gets to streaming I already pay for. It looks fun kinda but like others have said as a casual I only know black Adam from the Injustice games and the legendary DC MMO intro cinematic where he breaks green lantern's hand and superman eats his punches like it's...
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    The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

    Yeah Spotify is free, you just gotta skip ads every few. Scroll down on his list and just see which ones grab you. The Dave Smith ones are always pretty interesting, some musician ones are not. Actors tend to suck in my opinion. Comedy? Protect our parks are pretty great until you have heard...
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    Terrifier 2 (2022)

    Anyone that was grossed out by this shouldn't be allowed to vote. They clearly can't tell fake from not. Is this supposed to be a black comedy?
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    Final Fantasy 16

    The Persona games are imo some of the only ones that do the ticking clock thing right. The first Valkyrie Profile game is awesome but when I first picked it up I was very put off with the time constraints. Not to mention you basically need a guide to get started along the "real" story. One of...
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    Terrifier 2 (2022)

    A bunch of faggots did faggot shit after watching a movie? Not a documentary; not the news. A movie where it is 100% known everything is fake. We're doomed.
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    Folger's Extravagant Swatch Thread

    I work in Site Reliability, and have for the last several years. I'm pretty familiar with the pay ranges and stocks that folks get near that range; twitter is basically offering their employees the same/similar style total comp packages as companies I know in Santa Barbara/Austin, but with...
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    The Red Letter Media Appreciation Thread

    Rich appears to be aging faster as well. Like he's not getting healthy skinny; he's getting cancer patient skinny.
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    MMA Thread

    Liverking dude is on a bunch of sauce; dude still puts in a shitload of work and the ab stuff is hilarious. It'd be nice if he just admitted to being on the sauce (dudes like Jujimufu admit it) and said "Hey man, I'm on some enhancements but uh, I still put in 500% more work than most people"...
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    Valheim - Viking Survival Game (Early Access)

    Yeah I've played through various phases of grounded (and of course Subnautica. Emo SJWs to the core, but the first game is a masterpiece and the second is solid if not quite as good) Trying to convince some friends to run a full playthrough but the kiddy-centric look/dialogue for some reason...
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    Valheim - Viking Survival Game (Early Access)

    I think they actually just recently added a person to the team for visual effects; I imagine there will be substantial ramp up time but maybe that will help with the speed a bit. Still can't believe how slow it has been, and how absolutely bonkers their initial roadmap was. They promised...
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    What game(s) had a final area/boss that ruined the game for you?

    Vaan and Penelo were obviously tacked on. Just part of the development cycle when the devs are given specific instructions. I think it was more that they had spent so long on Vayne that they kind of forgot about all the other shit that made his nonsense absolutely retarded. Then they...
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    What game(s) had a final area/boss that ruined the game for you?

    re: xenogears - sorta; apparently they had pretty strict "finish by x and release" timelines, and Squaresoft wanted Xenogears to be done. The material on the second disk wasn't finished (turnover/new hires/etc) as they were approaching the deadline, so instead of ending it at the escape from...
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    MMA Thread Yeah I don't think it's Andrei's head problems that are keeping him in. It's the fact he's taking a lot less than other former champs for fights ( shit, even...
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    What game(s) had a final area/boss that ruined the game for you?

    Ff12's ending didn't really ruin the game for me, but it was really disappointing. They made the "boss" super sympathetic during the majority of the game, and then one of the dungeons right before shows you a bunch of interdimensional space demon gods who are really in control. Instead of...
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    Persona 5

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    General Gaming News and Discussion

    Redone version? Nice. Played them a bunch back in the early 2k until I got on the dawn of war wagon.