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    So I guess this is the new Alt-Right streaming service because of Pewdiepie, anyone have any experience with this vs twitch?
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    中國穆斯林營地 - Based and Red Pilled (Chinese Happy Camps) Education for the good of the nation.

    Eat pork, speak Chinese, no beards: Muslim former detainee tells of China camp trauma | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP China: Eat pork, speak Chinese, no beards, Muslim former detainee tells of camps What's your take on how the Chinese handle Muslim invaders? They make them learn and speak in...
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    The Great Replacement: New Zealand Shooter Brenton Torrant's manifesto

    So this dude was beyond fucked up. It is an interesting point a view and one could see how he could radicalize himself through this point of view. I was going to add this in the Mass shooting thread but it would just get lost in the debate. For those of you who take the time to read this thing...
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    AirPods look dumb as fuck

    Walking though the airport and you see so many dipshit yuppie faggots wearing these stupid ass things. It was bad enough watching smug cunts overpay for their beats headphones so they could high five other browns and be a part of the clique but these things are literal fucking garbage. Apple...
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    How much money do you make?

    Over the years money has come up with members of the community and some have opened stated their annual income meanwhile others have expressed they get by on disability or a similar fixed budget. Now I certainly am not asking for people to openly state their income or what they do for a living...
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    Rock, Paper, Scissors. If a Tranny hit's a Women, do we still play the game?

    Title pretty much says it all. This came up in I think the politics thread earlier, talking about Trannies in sports and how Todd can throw on a dress dominate women in track and field breaking women's records and it's brave and beautiful. However can Aunt Steve cold clock Susan in the face and...
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    Happy New Years Faggots

    Well here is to 2019. Honestly I hope you guys have an actual awesome year. 2018 was fucking crazy. Maybe one of these years we will get a new MMORPG to bond over.
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    FOH2 Porno Boogaloo

    Have you always wanted to be a screen writer, do you have a 30 foot dick? We have been given the green light on FOHs next pron endeavor and we need you. Ad lib your best scripts for whores to act out, scenes, etc. be an armchair director. Once we get a rough draft of our perverse vision we...
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    Is there anything worth a shit here? In town for work but know nothing of this place other then the roads are stupid.
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    Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the Thottest of them all.

    So with the Thotaudit in full swing, let us see who you guys think is the biggest Hoe on the Internet. Link the shank you makes your pecker the hardest, or who you think is the biggest slut? Who is a complete dick tease? After we get a solid collection of all the biggest Hoes on the internet we...
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    Thanksgiving - Ham > Turkey

    For Thanksgiving I say Ham beats Turkey in every fucking category. Change my mind. vs.
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    Election Fraud, Treason, and World War Trump

    So like most of you guys I follow politics in the U.S. to a degree but largely just bitch about it and never actively participate outside of voting. I have no strong desire to be a politician, usually when I bitch or meme in places like this I enjoy adding hyperbole and teasing about World War...
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    Man rapes 4 dudes with his butthole.

    Man jailed for Tinder blindfold sex scam A man who masqueraded as a woman online and tricked four straight men into having blindfolded sex with him has been jailed for 15 years. Duarte Xavier, 33, posed as "Ana" on dating apps including Tinder and sent provocative images to fool the victims...
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    Poll Best Arcade Game Ever!!

    The very best Arcade game of all time? We were talking about Arcade games in discord earlier.. I will update the poll later if needed but what was the pinnacle of quarter draining fun from your youth? Clearly the poll could be endless and there are so many games I have forgotten. So bust out...
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    Ultimate Nacho's

    Man I am craving some fucking Nachos and I'll be hitting up the store and making some later. Tell me what makes the Ultimate Nachos. So lets here is you dirty wakandas give me your best pitch.. Pork, Pull Pork, BBQ, Chicken, Beef, Steak, some fucking hot sauce, no hot sauce, sell me on the...
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    Mexico City - Day of the Dead

    Got invited to head down to Mexico to meet up with a couple of friends so I am going in two weeks from now from the 28th-3rd most likely. Any of the forum goers down there? Anything I should check out? I know zero Spanish so I have to rely on my buddy and his wife to translate but not sure how...
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    Noise Canceling Headphones for Flights

    There is already a headphone thread so I may just merge this with that one or something in the end but since I am looking for something specific for flying I figured this was different enough that it would warrant it's own... either way, I am looking for a decent set of noise canceling...
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    Poll Should Janet’s crotch spawn be allowed to fly.

    Nothing makes your average flight suck more than an asshole parent and their screaming little parasite. They should put all of these assholes in their own closed box at the back of the plane as not to disrupt everyone else. Or they should offer children free flights I would gladly pay the...
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    Poll Papa Bless?

    Simple question.
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    Poll Chipotle vs Moes - why does one suck shit while the other is great?

    These places are basically the same, why does one suck ass compared to the other.
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    Chicago area

    So I am in the Chicago area, well technically a little north of it up in the Wheeling, Buffalo Grove area for the next couple of weeks for work. So which place do I go to get the authentic Deep Dish Chicago pure faggot tourist pizza? Whatever is the best let me know so I can go this week. Also...
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    4th of July

    It's almost Americas 242nd birthday. What are you going to do to celebrate? Let's see some pictures of those fireworks the bigger the better, show us that BBQ spread you are cooking up. Show us your big titty bitches wearing an American Flag thong with FoH those cheecks and a sharpie in the...
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    Best full Albums

    I was listened to Offspring - Smash the other day and it got me thinking of old albums back when we had Tapes, CD, Records and shit, and it got me thinking about solid albums where all the songs are great from start to finish. So let's see the full albums you could sit down and listen to the...
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    Advice for working on the road - Full Time Travel Work

    So I recently got an offer to go back to work with a company I used to work with before doing Business Consulting, when I worked there before I enjoyed the job mostly and the pay is decent I was making slightly over six figures here before and they offered me an increase to come back. The down...
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    Who deserves more rights?

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    Boozecube for Amod - Jul to Dec

    Copy pasta from my last campaign since my positions are the same as they were then. Boozecube for Amod - Nov to Jul I plan to moderate following one simple rule WWMD. That's right what would Mario Do. I plan on spending my entire turn asking Mario his opinion on every mod decision I make. I...
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    Poll Do you support Illegal Aliens and their Anchor Baby's?

    @Xequecal says over 90% of Americans want to give DREAMERS a free ride, American citizenship for all. Let's see how accurate that shit really is.
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    Whats the best music video ever?

    And why is it Sober by Tool?
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    Poll Anyone Remember "Attack of the Show"?

    I had forgotten about this show and G4 in general. I guess they are redoing this show or some shit on Disney channel of all things now. Fucking weird. Even so I remember they had some high quality pussy on this show. Also apparently they did this shit on twitch for a while and view botted the...
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    Facebook -C-Span Senate Judiciary & Commerce Committee. Zuck the Cuck getting shit on because Facebook might of helped Trump REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but helped Obama who cares. Fucking faggots. Anyways this robotic faggot needs to go down but since he...
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    Pew Pew, Guns, Tanks, and Pencils! OH MY!!!

    13-Year-Old Suspended for Drawing of Stick Figure Holding Gun | Breitbart Has this in the Politics Thread but it was so absurd I wanted to separate it. How many of you guys drew pictures similar to the one below when you were a kid in grade school? How many of you played with Plastic Army men...
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    Potatoes Away - Meet Gerber's new Spokesbaby

    This is Lucas, the first Gerber Baby with Down syndrome - CNN Hmm is this considered exploitative? I guess the parents have found a way to make their little re-re pay the bills. Or is this just an easy way for Gerber to get some of that sweet sweet SJW press?
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    Detergent why is it so delicious?

    I know I am late to the party on this but apparently mother fuckers be eating tide pods, to the point they have to lock that shit up with security devices. How the fuck... Tide pod challenge has some local stores locking up their detergent Procter & Gamble looking to stop dangerous "Tide...
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    Happy New Years

    Have a Happy New Years guys and don't get to drunk out there.
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    Bad Christmas Movies

    Title: Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever (2014) Tagline: Ho ho no. Genre: Comedy, Family Director: Tim Hill Release: 2014-11-29 Runtime: 90 Plot: In "Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever," Grumpy Cat is a lonely cat living in a mall pet shop. Because she always gets passed over...
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    It's biannual lets screw up clocks day.

    Make sure you set your shit back an hour.
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    Black Friday 2017

    Find me some bomb ass sales on computer parts.... How come "looters" never steal PC parts only shoes?
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    Boozecube for Amod - Nov to Jul

    I plan to moderate following one simple rule WWMD. That's right what would Mario Do. I plan on spending my entire turn asking Mario his opinion on every mod decision I make. I will also introduce under the table black market micro transactions to the board by linking up my paypal and trading...
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    Corey Feldman Pedophile Hunter

    So who among you is willing to donate $10million dollars for Corey and Dead Corey and go lost boys style on some pedophile assholes?