2019 - State of the Union (SOTU)


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The Trump lines about politicians living their lives behind walls while inflicting the costs of illegal immigration on the working class are a 360 windmill dunk and he needs to hammer that shit home as much as possible.
This. its one of the most important facets about all of this. The wealthy do not care if they live in a Balkanized society that is run by Empire, where an authoritarian government rules over violent enclaves of plentiful workers. They will never have to deal with the friction and difficulty within that society, and it prevents the workers from organizing against them by dividing them up on racial grounds.

The problem is, and always has been that the wealthy are not as bound to the country and the difficulties within society as everyone else. Even if worse comes to worse and there are full scale riots, or other major difficulties--the wealthy can simply move to another country. This was why the founding fathers (Half of them) favored rural peoples, and farmers--because they were bound to the land. They were people who could not escape troubles they caused, and so they had a major investment in seeing to the lower people of society. its the people who can't leave and move around that are impacted most by these policies, and yet have the least say in them.


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Which is why I'm against a full wall. I mean lets not pretend for a moment that the majority of illegals don't come here legally in the first place, because they do, a wall isn't going to stop that. .
A majority of the heat in your home is not lost through gaps around the windows. Guess its pointless to weatherstrip the windows right?

That's how silly this point is. The wall is not an argument about what it can stop in absolutes--its about cost efficiency. Per dollar you're going to stop more illegal entries with a wall, then you will with thousands of new agents running around grabbing VISA overstays. (Just like weatherstripping your windows is a cheap, easy, effective way to save some money--no, its not going to save as much as redoing the insulation throughout your walls and roof, but it also will cost 1/100th and not take up weeks of your time.)

A "minority" in this case is a plurality still--its the single largest entry point for illegals. It takes all the other ports of entry combined, using the VISA program, to equal or exceed it. Those programs would require complex monitoring and investigations to control, with tailored systems for each program. (IE its a complicated fix). Meanwhile the border can strike at 40% of the problem, with a simple structure that is extremely cheap compared to other expenditures (Absolutely cheap compared to the systems needed to monitor most ports of entry, or people once they've crossed them using VISAs).

That's not even getting into the fact that those VISA overstays? Are often HIGHLY selective immigration, which is actually the kind no one gives a shit about--they are immigrants with special skills, who mostly know English and have money already. Whenever you see statistics about how illegals boost the economy--these would be those illegals. Unfiltered/non-selected immigration is VERY different, and you end up getting the full "band" of people from source countries, which include both good and bad, while those from VISA overstays are mostly selected from the upper end of traits in source countries (Again, educated, personal wealth, human capital ect.) So the problems are very very different, even if both are "illegal aliens".


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lol pelosi sitting with bitchface and not clapping when he points out more blacks, asians, and latinos than ever are working and finally off the taxpayer-funded dole.

lol the kkk white coat women sitting on their hands when he points out the strong U.S. economy and oil/gas boom.
Dems should use it for the next election: "Are you a U.S. citizen and praying for the U.S. to fail so millions of people starve to death ? Join the democrats today !"

lol the dems sitting on their hands when drumph says people have to come in legally.

lol cortez's bitchface at child sex trafficers being arrested, then awkwardly standing when the woman told her to, but still refusing to clap of course. "Are you angry that child rapists are being arrested ? Join the Democrats today !"

lol the kkk white coat women angrily sitting on their hands when drumph doesn't want to kill newborn children.

lol bernie slitting his wrists when drumph says no to eating-your-own-pets/eating-street-garbage socialism.

lol cnn threatening to spend "days" fact-checking drumph's speech.

lol van jones calling the speech "psychotically incoherent cookies and dog poop" because drumph has the audacity to go after child rapists and illegal invaders, rather than immediately give unlimited money to any criminal that sneaks across the border dragging a child sex slave.

lol cnn claiming his speech is only at a 75% approval rating because zero democrats watched it.

Rebuttal was ridiculous:
"we were ok with obammy caging children, but grrrrr when drumph does it !!"
"those evil republicans want legal american citizens to vote, grrrrr !"
"because so many blacks are attacking and raping and shooting people, we have to worry about racism !!"

lol at her dad forgetting his coat at a whorehouse but claiming he gave it to a homeless man.

lol at cnn addressing her rebuttal for 10 seconds then resuming the drumph bashing:
"Drumph shouldn't be allowed to tweet, grrrr !!"

Rebuttal would have been better if she wore her usual suit:


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I'm glad those npc memes will finally start wearing clothes. The bare chested look was bothering me.
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i think you fail to understand the basics of this argument.

IF, illegals came here legally, that means it was due to visa overstay, which means the visa overstayers had the means to obtain, such visa, either of these:

That means they have documentation, money, and a purpose. You come here on a business visa you need like bank statements and documents that you coming here for business to close some deals n sheet.

Essentially the ppl on visa overstays are flying first class, we cannot stop them b/c we as a nation granted them entry w/ a clause, they BROKE that agreement that they did not honor the visa.

HOWEVER, a wall will stop all the dregs of Mexican society that cannot obtain a visa and documentation and a passport and tickets, and their only option is to cross the desert w/ all the other scum in coach class.


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Which is why I'm against a full wall. I mean lets not pretend for a moment that the majority of illegals don't come here legally in the first place, because they do, a wall isn't going to stop that. But more security around high profile areas isn't a bad thing. I'm okay with that, more so when it's concede to that, or have the government held hostage again in another shut down or him just declaring a state of emergency and ripping the full funding for the wall anyways.

This is, again, why partisan politics on this level just make me shake my head. Compromise isn't a thing most of the time. It's all one way or no way and shit doesn't get done when you act like that. Build some structures and move on.
I think a good analogy here is, why wear a condom when its only 99% effective? those stubborn 1% of semen are gonna get through anyway, might as well skip the condom.


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anybody can bypass your house lock but it is there.

it deters 99% of the robbery but 1% always cracks through because...they don't give a shit.
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True, no one wants a condom that makes your dick look slimmer.

NSFW or really life for that matter



So really, if your dick looks slimmer in mesh:

1. you are gay for putting mesh on your dick.

2. you are double gay because you have a small penis covered in mesh.
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NSFW or really life for that matter

So really, if your dick looks slimmer in mesh:

1. you are gay for putting mesh on your dick.

2. you are double gay because you have a small penis covered in mesh.
25,000 years ago, those women would be considered fucking hawt.


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I was sitting in my new doctor's waiting room today and some 80 year old Canadian woman was meekly croaking out to her chair-neighbour "did you see the... democratic response? She sounded real... impressive" I would have jumped up and slapped the stupid out of her except that I really need a doctor.