2020 Chinese Coronavirus


Vizconde Dorado del Reino
153d 21h 36m
Can't be the GDP numbers, I mean they make those up anyways...

Could be a fear of foreign companies making plans to bail out even more quickly.
foreign companies were already noping out of China before this panic, its just going to escalate. pretty soon nobody is going to want to buy any new goods made by typhoid tsang or wuflu wang.


Vyemm Raider
25d 18h 58m

Reading this reminds me of sci fi authors that tried to really wrap their heads around a truly alien perspective. Masks as some kind of social gesture of solidarity? I guess there are weirder symbolic gestures, and it makes more sense than the idea that people really think masks as typically worn with half inch gaps have any effect on anything. Still weird to think stores are selling out of supplies that are ultimately worn largely for purposes of social signalling.
Cuts air drag quite a bit actually.
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<Silver Donator>
43d 18h 2m
Cuts air drag quite a bit actually.
Well, if you're talking about a disease spread through all those tiny droplets of moisture/mucus launched when one coughs/sneezes then the mask does two things:
A) Considerably reduce the amount you output into the air by catching them - meaning you wear the mask to protect others if you're sick. Which could be a consideration considering apparently one can be contagious with this while showing no signs. So you're helping everybody else out by reducing (albeit not eliminating) your chance to spread it.
B) It reduces the amount (but doesn't eliminate completely) of particulates your intake.

So it doesn't solve the problem, but I'll take a reduction of risk over no reduction easily since it's not that inconvenient.


Trakanon Raider
7d 3h 9m
Wife and I had theater tickets last week in London for an evening out. Theater was between Leicester Square and Soho. Wife asked if we should have a stroll through Chinatown, but quickly reconsidered before she finished the question and said "perhaps we should walk around and give it a miss!" .. We both chuckled at the slightly racist, yet fully appropriate assertion of the situation.

Here I am coughing up some type of mucus chest infection and feeling completely drained of energy. Got an emergency doc appointment in 40 minutes.

It was nice knowing you bros. Yes you can have all my stuff.


Trakanon Raider
39d 14h 40m
As predicted. The logical choice is to accept your loses and move on with a disease like this. China can make it but western societies probably can't.

One of the few times they are smarter than us.
They don't have a choice. Think of this like the mortgage crisis, if they shut down for too long nobody will know if they have any business to start up again because the supply chain will move on. Once that happens the value of any business starts to become questionable and the markets will go nuts. They run their country like a tech start up trying to capture as much growth as possible fueling all of it with debt, if the market goes free fall its total economic collapse.

At this point the collapse is unavoidable as the factories will spread the disease and eventually the workers will refuse to work under those conditions.
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