Advertisement Change


<Gold Donor>
37d 18h 13m
So some of you that aren't donors have noticed that there are now 3 ads on the forum. One at the top and two at the bottom.

These ads are the least obtrusive that I can find and are google versions so they are clean and safe. No crazy Russian ads provided by the firm that Araysar Araysar works for.

If you are a donor in any way, even the lowest $5 option you don't have ads. I don't think that this is going to change.

I am "selling" the site to a friend so that he "owns" it. He is going to take that as his cut and all of the donations still go to the upkeep of the site both the hosting which is paid up for a while and also the software. He is going to take care of a few server side things like the fact that we are running out of disk space and other minor issues. He's an old friend that I played EQ with forever ago and have hung out with IRL quite a bit. His name is Rob. He will not even have or need a user on the forum because everything he does will be on the server side. He will be holding it as part of an LLC that is responsible for the site.

This absolves me of any future issues like we just had. I will still be a forum administrator and he has hired me to do so as a 1099 for $1/yr. Once we finish all the paperwork I will post it over in the donator subforum.

How much is this making? Very little, about $100-150/mo if I have calculated it correctly. He knows and expects that a good majority of you have an adblock, he doesn't care because that amount is about what he will get no matter what based off previous testing I have done with people not logged in. There will probably be a slight bump from those numbers and it's just enough juice to keep him invested, pay for his LLC, and keep the ownership out of my name for the future.