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93d 4h 33m
I can hardly believe this, but the current batch of Amods' term is rapidly coming to a close. The time has just flown by. On Dec 1st 2018, the next Amod election process will begin, and 3 weeks after that - right in time for Christmas! - the next batch of Amods will assume power.

Before that happens, I'm making this thread available for the userbase to express their feelings about how the current batch of Amods[Name Pending] have been handling their duties as Amod. As part of that, I've combed through the logs and plucked out some relevant information so that people can make an informed evaluation.

But first, a little background:

After an education and grace period of 1 week after they assumed power on Jun 22, I started the Amod Team on a weekly rotation. Every week, 1 of the 5 would be responsible for different areas of the forums. This kept the team accountable to me in case something happened that needed Amod attention, and it provided the most fair way to break down the workload of moderating the forums. At the end of each week on Friday, who was responsible for what rotated. In this way, one person was not stuck doing basically everything while everyone else got to sit back and watch.

The thing with that system is it still doesn't account for randomness. Some weeks nothing happens, when other weeks people decide to spam gore and troll posts all over the forum. Sometimes the same Amods will have that happen to them more often even despite the rotation. With that aspect of randomness in mind, I present the relevant log information of total entries, warnings issued, any mass thread moves, and the general character of the rest of their entries:

118 total log entries since Jun 22​
7 Warnings handed out​
Vegan thread mass move/creation from GG​
Kudos Trump thread integrated into politics + Kudos incident handling​
Lots of janitorial work in the games sections​
70 total log entries since Jun 22​
11 Warnings handed out​
FARB Civil War thread move​
Accumulative janitorial work​
262 total log entries since Jun 22
26 Warnings handed out
Chinese spambot ban​
Turning Potatoes into Batteries thread creation/move​
Tons of Account Approvals and Rejections​
Lots of janitorial work in movies and TV sections​
82 total log entries since Jun 22​
8 Warnings handed out​
Accumulative minor post moves and janitorial work​
Politics thread caretaker​
74 total log entries since Jun 22​
2 Warnings handed out​
Lots of account handling​
Minor janitorial work​

Congrats to Denamian Denamian for having the most log entries and the most warnings. One caveat for the readers out there: due to Denamian Denamian being essentially the night crew due to his RL work schedule, he was often the last one to weigh in on a matter, and as such was in the position to close a given matter and swing the sword since the others' opinions were known at that point.
Now if I could only get him to stop being such a motormouth :p

That said, log entries and warnings are only part of the story. There's also attitude, willingness to participate, attentiveness/awareness, and general wisdom. I considered handing out individual evaluations regarding this matter, but the more I consider it, the more I don't think that's necessary. As essentially the Director of Amods, I was very happy with all of your collective performance this last term. There was lots of good discussion on every important matter, I detected little to no bad attitudes on the part of anyone, everyone got along great, and there was a good mix of unique contributions from everyone that helped people make good decisions.
I couldn't ask for a better group and I'd be happy to work with any of you again as Amods.

So there's my approval. Does this group have the approval of the rest of the forum? Weigh in and let them know what you think!


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39d 20h 22m
I quit both here and the wow guild out of anger and alkorin took that over so props there. I still believe my time amodding rerolled gave me some irreversible brain damage and ptsd.

If you guys need any tips on how to make an irrational rant and half hearted quitting post let me know

Archmage Lightning Lord Rule

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93d 4h 33m
We still need a name for this batch of Amods. So far for previous Teams we have 'Donkey Kicker Wranglers', and the team before that is 'Axis of Impotence'. Both subject to change if someone submits something better.

I'm a bit too close to the situation to come up with anything very good, so I'll ask a question: What do you get when you cross a black nazi, a canadian chosen person, a hardworking mute, a drunk ranter, and a renegade cop archetype?
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