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The people dying off unfortunately includes those that want to be vaccinated but can't for some reason, like infants with various conditions for one critical example. Maybe that infant would have lived a long, full life, despite the shitty hand it was dealt, except that some gullible Facebook cunt with too much time on her hands wanted to be "open minded" and her otherwise healthy unvaccinated kids got sick but survived...but unfortunately passed it along to the poor sick kid who couldn't fight it off.
i've been reading a bit more, theres also cases where infants can't be vax'd if there are immune compromised ppl in the household, like mom on cancer

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19d 5h 14m
why? isn't it the ones who don't get vax'd are the ones that die off anyway?
No, the ones who die are your neighbor with cancer, the premature baby, or your grandfather who is fighting pneumonia. (In addition to whatever is driven by the base mortality rate of the disease.)
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I think this is the point where we have the natural selection discussion. Are we 100% comfortable saying we don't need it anymore?


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Oh its that same tired thread and those same tired people again-- some might even be calling it a discussion.

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Get this fuckin shit off my "latest". What's late about it is the extra minutes it took some of you to come out the womb.

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Sweet are all these pro vax rulings going to be enforced on the throngs of illegal aliens enriching our country ?
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Fines look good on paper but I doubt 90% of anti-vax parents would pay $2k for one days violation, let alone 2k per day of each violation.

They should lower the fine, and have it incorporated into paying for child protective services taking custody, vaccinating, and returning a child to them.


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23d 14h 28m
Yeah, that's not frightening at all.

Good idea giving government that kinda power over your life. There will never be an abusive regime in control ever again.
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AFAIK you're still required to register for the draft. If they retain the right to draft you into combat to die, then it isn't a big stretch to "draft" you into combating diseases that will also cause people to die if not fought.


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Not till they're 18 and it takes a specific act of congress to activate it. A better analogy would have been that they already force you to buy health insurance, and it's a relatively small slide to get something like this.