Araysar Amod Appreciation Thread

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93d 4h 33m
This thread is to officially recognize Araysar Araysar for his service as Amod/Admin from Nov 2017 - Jun 2018.

He is the first elected Amod to finish his term and be honorably discharged from his duties in at least 2 terms. This is no small accomplishment, especially given the turmoil here at FoH over that time. Being Amod can be a difficult job, and there's a high attrition rate for numerous reasons. Araysar took to the job with a positive attitude, was always involved with important decisions during his term, and had the best interests of the forum at heart.

He was our mop in the darkness. He was a watcher of the forum, a wielder of the Banhammer, a fire that burns against the stupid, a shield that guards the threads of men.
And now his watch is ended.


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32d 10h 45m
We laughed, we cried, we insulted each other, we even bonded a miniscule amount. Looking back, he was one of the best mods we've had.

But now that he's a plebian again, we'll see him unleashed, I hope.


Trump's Staff
15d 7h 45m
Araysar Araysar

We've had some times. Looking back, I am grateful for you being a reasonable voice and slightly apologetic that I gave you so much shit when you were probably the only mod that tried to give me a second (third?[fourth??])chance.

You might be a filthy Cossack but you're our Filthy Cossack and goddammit that means something.


I'm a lead farmer.
37d 16h 52m
Thank you for your service Araysar.
I'm not sure if you even did anything, but you survived and these days that is something.

On another note, my mod choices was 4/5 with my 5th vote coming in 6th, but had I known that our mods would be banned for falling off the wagon for 6 months, I wouldn't have voted at all.

At least Iannis should be showing up any day now.
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