Artificial Intelligence and the Technological Singularity


Get Raped
<Donors Crew>
68d 44m
Babysitter robots should be the next big thing. Makes too much sense.

In the meantime, the big hit at CES is a Baking Robot.

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Blackwing Lair Raider
10d 8h 37m
Interesting, but as pointed out, we don’t fully understand other cascade effects. For instance, removal of this gene might impact memory suppression. While that can enhance learning, it could also make it more difficult to cope with trauma. It’s a really hard thing to account for. This is a perfect example of genes not being a 1:1 ratio of gene to changes on the body.

I can also understand the “Brave New World” fears that could arise.

I do think it is something with amazing applications potentially, but considering the life spans of people, you’re not going to get a full data set for a very long time.
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