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There is a big difference between Ice T and Mr. T, then again I am not sure how much Mr. T would charge for a cameo. That being said I would be fine hiring Ice T to wear gold chains and yell “I ain’t got no time for no jibba-jabba fool” in the FOH porn for $200 seems like a deal to me.
I meant Ice T, which Pharm was replying to. I call him Mr. T (mr. Ice T) as a joke.


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67d 20h 34m
What'd I miss or fail to articulate? You want to threadban someone who hasn't posted in said thread, because you're butt hurt over their posts in other threads?.... So...come again?
Holy shit. I'd ask how someone as fucking stupid as you ever became a mod, but considering the community I guess it's not that much of a surprise. Did you ever consider pulling your head out of your ass long enough to see what fucking thread the post of his I quoted is from?
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I'm with Gav on this one. You guys decided to start modding the thread, so cutting out the non-picture posts in there might as well be added to the list. Phoenix is a repeat offended when it comes to this.

If you need a reason to cut the non-pic posts out, then think about how political memes/pics have been landing there a lot more lately, which is going to invite a lot more debating in a place that is intended for pics. Make them at least provided something to look at when people scroll past their bullshit.
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29d 10h 34m
I think vanilla ice is doing okay. He even has a house flipping show. 2k might not cut it.


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28d 14h 7m
According to them internets Vanilla Ice net worth is like 18 million. I think he's gonna shit on your two grand

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15d 18h 50m
I wonder if he's cool enough to do that bit from the Offspring song.

"They didn't have Ice Cube so you bought Vanilla Ice"


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32d 17h 28m
We are most likely updating the forum to 2.1 on Sunday which could take 8 or more hours.

We will have a better picture tomorrow on that.

After that there are a few addons that I will bring up that might fill some needs and if the community wants them we will implement them.

This entire thing will be the last major upgrade for the foreseeable future unless 2.2 is mind blowing. It’s bringing a few interesting features that people might love or hate.