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Ahn'Qiraj Raider
17d 6h 30m
Well I reject your slant. I love my children but I'm not going to live my life for them and they shouldn't live their lives for anyone else but themselves. I support their decisions and endeavours and they always have a place in my home but beyond that their life's course is theirs. We've had extensive talks with them about how to plan their futures, and how to plan their educations etc. they're adults and need to learn to reason and function on their own. And that's whats expected of them. They bring home good grades, they do their chores like washing dishes and doing laundry, etc. and beyond that I let them live their lives and our special moments are things like watching movies together, making meals and eating them together, etc.

But unlike you, I don't go around trying to judge how other parents do their fucking parenting because its not my fucking business.

Get over it.
It's almost like you've been to eurocuckistan, hodj hodj . Education incl university is free here. State even gives students money to cover basic living expenses with room for partying. All funded by american tax dollars through peace keeping forces ofc. Should come live here. Chicks are hot. Weather is cold, but so are the beers. Coke does travel up the bum of Jesus, but that way you know it's fresh. Once kids are 18 you can kick them out and not have to worry. If the kids fuck up, you know it wasn't meant to be - all the chances in the world.
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