Being Vegan Just Makes You Better Than Everyone Else


Starve the Devourer
'Grapes of Wrath' will make you appreciate bacon. One of the background themes of that book is how much bacon the Joad family has left. You feel their pain as the number slowly dwindles and then eventually becomes zero.

Would Nevergone have accepted Rosasharn's tit?

We can only hope not.
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The Scientific Shitlord
24d 16h 28m
Life is limited. How you spend it is up to you. If doing the diet dance makes you feel better, go for it. It is probably not doing much as far as extending your time here, but feeling good is its own reward so roll with it.


Bearded Ape
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27d 28m
I am always reminded of the old joke

Doctor: "Ok, you have a massive health problem. You need to forego women, stop drinking, and quit smoking"
Guy: "And this will make me live longer?"
Doctor: "No, but it will definitively feel longer"


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Extending our lives to as long as possible is becoming more important as our understanding of the aging process advances, and the potential of a reversal/extreme slowing of the process becomes more feasible. Nobody wants to be the last person to die of old age.


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32d 5h 25m
Vegan activists storm steakhouse, are mocked by patrons mooing at them
But as a spokeswoman attempts to give a speech about the benefits of veganism, patrons can be heard mocking her with one mimicking a cow mooing while waiters can be seen arguing with the protesters.

Behind the camera, someone says: “They’re letting us protest but they’re eating the flesh of animals in front of us.”


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31d 6h 52m
Behind the camera, someone says: “They’re letting us protest but they’re eating the flesh of animals in front of us.”
That's like storming a church and then complaining that the congregation sang a bunch of hymns why they were there.

"Damn those fucking Christians...Can you believe the gall? To sing hymns in front of us?"
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15d 10h 58m
Might be okay if she just wants to hook up. That would be too fucking annoying for anything long term though, and it's probably not the only way that she's insane.
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Naxxramas 1.0 Raider
54d 18h 35m
Take her to the best steak house in town and tell he they have great salads, as you eat the largest and rarest porterhouse on the menu.


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58d 9h 7m
So, how dangerous is it if a good looking vegan chick starts to show interest in you? Any meat eaters here ever dated a vegan chick? Asking for a friend.
If she is one of those rare ones who does her thing and doesnt try to spread the gospel of later day salads then "your friend" is in the clear. And should probably play lottery too because those odds are insane.


The Scientific Shitlord
24d 16h 28m
God damn I am glad diabetes doesn't require abstaining from meat. I have been eating way the fuck too many salads and vegan bowls. And I was right about it being terrible. Just godforsaken awful in most cases. Low in calories and high in volume, so it has a place on the menu now, but most of it tastes like shit.