Breaking the back of the human smuggling rings


Lord Nagafen Raider
27d 9h 24m
Of course it's in Tucson. Appears to be real but it's unconfirmed if it's just a typical homeless camp or for child trafficking (seems like some people are saying there are just way too many bizarre things going on for it to just be a homeless camp). I'm also dubious of it being a homeless camp since it's pretty far out of the main city and there are a ton of actual abandoned infrastructure projects in and near downtown that the homeless use rather than digging out their own bunkers. There's a huge system of tunnels and storm drains feeding into the Santa Cruz where a ton of them go when they're not in the shelters. That whole stretch of I-19 is really weird, bunch of old industrial areas and abandoned mine stuff all over


Janitor of the Realm
43d 19h 10m
So you guys know my hatred for pedos and child sex trafficking is only surpassed by my love for fence sitting.

The stuff in the above videos is clearly a thing that happens. Lots of sick sons of bitches out there. It's pretty believable that a group of vets, much less a DEVGRU vet would be able to track down trafficking sites. I'd love for him to crack something huge open related to something bigger than some small-time perv coyotes, because you know that something deeper exists.

But there's also a product being sold here. This could all be a marketing ploy / hoax. It wouldn't be hard to do.

Sadly, outside of them actually rescuing people there's no way to really confirm that this is all for real.

I kind of want to get this shirt:
2018 Unisex Vets 4 Child Rescue T-Shirt


~ Skeets Tweets ~
114d 6h 50m
Welp one of Trumps first EOs was a broad and powerful Human Trafficking / Profiting order. At the time it seems a weird priority with everything else that was on his plate. Maybe when you are a billionaire people regularly contact you asking if you want to buy children for sex toys? He obviously knew something we didnt.