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Off the wall question, wife is doing a business class. It's asking stuff that isn't really covered in the material thus far that leaves her at a loss and fuck if I know....

Essentially she's doing a business plan thing based on real companies. In this case the question is asking about how they would use crop, liability and other insurances. Given she chose sketchers, I doubt they have crop liability if it is what it sounds like. So I imagine liability of course for like customers that slip n fall type shit in stores. They would carry unemployment insurance for employee's that file for that. I imagine there's some kind of HR type insurance for claims of wrongful termination/harassment etc? Or what are some other types of insurance big companies would have and what they are used for? Not my class, but question seems annoying for being so open ended and seemingly not really covered by material. Could have a 1 paragraph answer or a 10 page essay just as easily depending how overboard you wanted to go I imagine.

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My company isn't big but the gist of it is this...
Worker's Comp insurance
We use a blanket policy for liability (the amount of coverage is real question)
Auto insurance (we have a couple of company vehicles)
Health insurance
Property insurance (fire, theft etc).
Life insurance (we provide a policy for our employees)
Not in sketchers case, but in a small business you may/should have life insurance on each owner to cover the cost of buying out the other's shares in case of death.

Think that covers it.


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I run a small startup and one thing I learned about is directors and officers insurance. Pretty much all our board members and advisors have asked about it when we brought them on board.
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