District 9, IRL (South African white people Genocide, Start Your Engines)


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i know right, just do it already, they have 10 days to make 2018 the year of genocide.
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‘white people brought crime to South Africa, they brought things they know we would be tempted to steal, just to make us look bad’,General Kehla Sithole

white people brought crime to South Africa, they brought things they know we would be tempted to steal, just to make us look bad’,General Kehla Sithole
ABC News October 02, 2018

The South African Police Commissioner General Kehla Sithole says he blames people for coming to South Africa.
Speaking at a police briefing on Monday, Sithole told about five hundred police officers in attendance at a conference in Pretoria that if it wasn’t for white people, there would be no crime in South Africa.

“They brought TVs, cars, jewellery, and other things our people will be tempted to steal, if it wasn’t for that, our people were never going to learn to steal, they all of this to make us look bad”
“we are now fixing this country, but first, we must fix the past. White people came here, they tricked us and stole our land, we must first fix that by giving land to our people” he said.

The commissioner says he whole heatedly supports land expropriation without compensation, as it is a means to an end.
“without it, we can never fix this country” the commissioner said.


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White people set up an entrapment sting for an entire country, fucking white people!


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Beyond the immense lol factor of his statements, i kept reading his name as “shithole”


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I mean at least his name is shithole.

You can't ask for more truth in advertising than that.


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I was in Ghana a few weeks ago and ran into some white South Africans at the bar, they were working on offshore oil rigs, and are some pretty salty MFers. One hand they are pissed at all other white countries because no one wants them and other side hating how they were forced to end apartheid. One did mention that one of his relatives is paying a mortgage on a house that was taken from them from the government and this is coming more and more common.

I am also now working with an Indian who has worked in SA for years and happens to be the most racist person I have ever met, and I grew up in the south, this fucker really would find a home in Klan if they would take him.


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"Rosenthal." Huh. Why would he tell a know lie about such an issue?



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Race row in South Africa as health officials advertise for 100 new doctors - but white people are told not to apply
The health department in the KwaZulu-Natal province expanded its registrar programme for 2019 from 314 to 414, but aimed to fill the new posts with only black candidates. Health bosses said the move was implemented to redress the country's historical racial imbalance of Apartheid that saw most high-ranking positions filed by white doctors. Campaigners and human rights activists have branded the recruitment policy 'discriminatory, unconstitutional and racist'.

The registrar programme trains doctors to become specialists over a four-year period. Ncumisa Mafunda, a spokeswoman for the health department, said historical redress was a 'government imperative' and 'the morally and socially right thing to do'. She told TimesLIVE: 'South Africa, including KwaZulu-Natal, remains an unequal society with limited opportunities for self-development for those who were historically oppressed.

'This means 238 posts must be filled with [black] Africans to take the current 128 filled posts to the target of 366. This implies that the 100 new posts must go to Africans in terms of the targets, else if there are no suitable Africans, the posts must be re-advertised. 'After difficulties were experienced in recruiting black African candidates for these posts, a deviation was sought from the accounting officer and, out of a total of 77 registrar posts, 21 posts will be offered to non-Black Africans.'
Teacher in South Africa suspended after controversial photo of students goes viral
What transparent hypocrisy.
A teacher in South Africa has been suspended and allegations of racism are being investigated in a small town in the country's North West province after a photograph showing black and white children sitting at separate desks went viral. Sello Lehari, the political head of the provincial department, suspended the teacher on Thursday. According to the school, the black students were separated because they could not understand Afrikaans, a language spoken by about 6 million South Africans, including the white minority known as Afrikaners.

The photo was “a reflection of a single moment in a classroom” and not an indication of school policy, the school said in a statement that was provided to local media. The statement explained that the children do in fact interact and are integrated. Other photos have since emerged showing an integrated classroom; however, it is not clear if those photos were taken on the same day or only after the outrage began on Wednesday.

"We did not accept that explanation," Lehari said. "The teacher is suspended with immediate effect."

“We are also shocked to learn about this particular barbaric incident,” Aaron Motswana, a local politician from the ruling African National Congress Party, told the South African Broadcasting Corporation. “It was unwarranted and we strongly want to condemn it. On behalf of the ANC and the municipality that we lead, 24 years into democracy, we don’t expect such incidents, to continuously happen."

The opposition political party, the Democratic Alliance, has welcomed the suspension of the teacher. DA provincial leader, Joe McGluwa, told ABC News, “The DA strongly opposes segregation of young children on any grounds. As a country, we need to recommit to Nelson Mandela’s ideals of reconciliation and the rejection of racism.”
South Africa’s disgraced former leader is making a comeback
Jacob Zuma was in disgrace last year, a South African president forced from office by scandal and then in court on corruption charges. He is now in the midst of a remarkable makeover, wooed by a ruling party that recognizes his enduring appeal to some supporters and is anxious to paper over divisions ahead of elections this year. The image of Zuma and successor Cyril Ramaphosa, smiling and cutting cake together at an African National Congress party event, is also generating concern about how far Ramaphosa’s anti-corruption drive can go after years of alleged malfeasance in the Zuma administration.

It is a balancing act for Ramaphosa, who narrowly defeated Zuma’s ex-wife in a contest for the ANC’s presidency in December 2017 before becoming the country’s president in February. He vowed to pursue those involved in the alleged looting of state coffers, reconstituting boards of many state-owned enterprises, dumping problematic Cabinet ministers and appointing a new chief prosecutor. However, some Zuma loyalists, including ANC secretary general Ace Magashule, retain influence and there is growing skepticism about whether the divided party can fully reform.

A commission led by a Constitutional Court judge is investigating the extent of what South Africans call “state capture,” while Zuma is separately on trial for reinstated corruption charges dating from a late 1990s arms deal, when he was vice president. Zuma, who has denied wrongdoing, has not announced any formal return to politics, though some supporters nominated him to a party list of possible candidates for parliament. The list has yet to be published.