Election Campaign General Discussion Thread

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Archmage Lightning Lord Rule

Lightning Fast
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96d 23h 34m
Right now there's 11 people running for 5 mod spots and 3 alternates. There's still time for more people to run, but I'm guessing they're just too scurred of the perceived popularity of the current candidates.

I hope we get some more candidates between now and Friday, but I suspect the lack of potato eruptions we've had in the last 6 months has convinced people that there isn't an urgent need for good Amod candidates. I would remind anyone with that thought in their head that the only thing that keeps the potatoes at bay is the eternal vigilance of concerned and motivated FoH citizens serving as Amod.

So step up, take your shot, throw your hat in the ring, do your service to the community!

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41d 12h 46m
Hay guyz, vote for me, I'll be a complete asshole to everyone and do as little as humanly possible as AMOD