Exposing the Deepstate in Media


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Deepstate isn't nearly as ambiguous a term as communism, at least to me. If you say Deepstate, I think alphabet agencies (or elements of them) or other government agencies that are not directly accountable to the american people via the ability to vote them out, or fire them via someone who the american people voted for.

And the media is not bought and paid for? You're kidding right?
Here's my logic train on this issue:

-What is the issue?​
Media putting out obviously false and/or misleading propaganda​
-Who's doing this?​
Names of reporters, media people, this needs to be as comprehensive a list as possible. Haberman of the NYT immediately springs to mind without looking up more names.​
-Are they being paid for specific stories, instead of/on top of salary?​
Not sure, need evidence here. But this would be a smoking gun.​
-If they're not being paid directly, are they being paid via alternate means? What are those means?​
Yes, most likely. I'm sure the answer to this varies based upon the wants of the person in question.​
-If they are being paid per story/narrative, who's paying them?​
Intermediaries of some sort most likely, ala Fusion GPS​
-Who's paying these intermediaries?​
This needs answering, but in Fusion GPS's case: the DNC​
-Who's paying the people who are paying these intermediaries?​
This is the classic follow the money until you run out of sources. The foreign sources and large amounts are the ones to look out for and red flag.​
-Are there any names in the answers to any of these questions who are 'former' employees of [insert alphabet agency here]?​
Yes many, assuming what I've read concerning this is correct​
-Where do these agencies get their money? Is that money auditable? Is there any money they have that wasn't sourced from taxpayer funds? If so, where did it come from?​
If there's a place that has a comprehensive answer to these questions I've never seen it. In the case of many alphabet agencies, how much money they have or even had years ago is not available to the public.​

After answering all of that, you can get into why they're doing all of this. Except now that I think more about it, communism isn't the real end-goal. IMO, their real goal is the collapse of the USA as the world's superpower. They realize that a direct fight would likely result in tremendous and unpredictable military destruction on all sides, so it's better to slowly subvert the very ideas and institutions that made the USA what it was until it collapses. That's a whole other thread though :)
It's for the autists to deep dive for the 'evidence' on this type of shit because even though I have my opinions, I don't really dwell on it, but ya I see what you're saying. They are 'bought' overall via the corporate boards and ownership, but I don't think individual journalists need to be bought and payed for in the traditional sense, they are already owned, whether by being true believers or useful idiots (brings us back to universities).

If we're talking actual dollars being spent to spread propoganda and warp perception i'd look more towards social media manipulation and your reddits ect. But again, big picture, the tech owners are true believers so it's not like that much work needs to be done by a nefarious third party, it's already been done and they just have to watch it play out.

That quote chthonic-anemos chthonic-anemos posted from Larry Mcdonald was pretty prophetic given today's events.