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33d 5h 6m
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17d 12m
Not quite a favorite porn star, but a request that doesn't really fit anywhere else. I'd like royal (or anyone else) to combine his love of porn and star wars and give me some suggestions for good star wars porn. I know of a couple, such as the 'Porn Wars' series (3 of them IIRC). I think they were brazillian made, and I'm hoping there's better shit than that. I remember another one that was loosely based on star wars and much better made, but damned if I can recall the name.

So far, I've only found 2 scenes that really scratch this particular itch. If they come from a movie, I haven't seen the entire thing. One was chewbacca fucking some female stormtroopers when they came aboard to clear the falcon after it was captured by the death star. The other was a scene with vader interrogating leia, where she sucked his dick. Many lols to be had from that scene. I'm guessing the movie was done before anyone knew they were related because it wasn't labeled as incest ... oh and also vader's dick was black. Which actually works again once you saw the prequels and knew he was in the suit because he was burned to a crisp.
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4d 9h 51m
Elsa Jean is showing signs of her 2 years in porn. I fear we may have another year of primetime to go. I need a new fix. Anyone have a reasonable comp?
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2d 13h 13m
star whores
The one with Chewbacca banging Eve Lawrence and friend as stormtroopers had Tom Byron as obi wan kenobi banging a big titted tusken raider. Wicked has the whole film. Digital playground put out a new one recently with a red twilek sith and braZzers had a star wars stripper barfight with lightsabers
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13d 3h 30m
it's too bad you can't rewatch the scenes they did while young and hot. I went through the same thing with jessica drake.

Thanks for the leads D drychnath
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