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44d 3h 47m
I have been thinking for a while about how the politics thread has been a primary source of news and also where I come to post news etc.

Many times it has come up here, and in my "IRL yo" about - where can one go to get news - and I do not mean "editorials" that 99% of news is now days.

I was wondering if we...well you all... could stand up a sister site that keeps the forum format but is focused on news and is moderated for topic derail / trolling

The general idea would be - users submit a story with direct quotes, transcripts, police report points, or other types "info categories" decided upon - with then the "news" source(s) linked / attached.

The substitution would go through a quick moderation that confirms it is just "facts" and there are supporting links to the source content.

Then it would be a normal forum thread where people could talk, discuss etc.

I know this is like reddit I guess, but reddit and chans etc suck on how they are displayed, viewed and whatnot.

Also I know normal news pages have "comment sections" but they suck also - I am thinking that this type of forum outline would make a good news forum (hehe, ya know its all in the name)

well, if this is dumb or whatever, sorry - flame me, give me salts and barfs :)

love you all! <3


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90d 53m
this could easily be achieved in the /pol thread by just posting new posts instead of forcing everything into the top 10, sure it's more organized the way we have it, however w/ replies and potato derails it makes it messy and just browsing /pol thread is a chore


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23d 14h 16m
You could also just make new threads in general for each story. But he's asking for heavier moderation of those threads and I don't think he'll get that.