#Gamergate and all things SJW


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80d 46m
Eh, I don't really blame them for firing him. Making those tweets is no less stupid than when companies make some big unasked for virtue signal for the other side. The correct thing to do (for the bottom line) is to stay the fuck out of it entirely.


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20d 12h 32m
Was he really fired? That all seems to be assumed, based on his inactivity on the gog forums. Maybe he's on holiday. Maybe he's in hiding. Maybe he quit due to the threats. Maybe someone from resetera murdered him.


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26d 4h 22m
I really want to like moviebob. His takes on film and production are generally pretty insightful and good. But he kept injecting more and more SJW shit into his videos and they became unwatchable. A thirty minute analysis would have 20 minutes of virtue signaling and “edgy” political jokes with 10 minutes of interesting content. TDS is real :(
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