Gene Editing and the Rise of Khan


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No we won't. We'll be competing THROUGH software.

The Singularity will be realized through the Centaur Model. People will still have jobs and AI will just become more advanced tools.
Sure, you can do "business at the speed of light" or whatever with super smart people using super smart tools, but eventually you just run out of customers.

For example, in my field, if we had tools that made us all 10x more efficient, we could service 10x as many clients at the same price point. However, if all our competitors in the same space are doing the same or similar with their own AI tools, there's no way we can all acquire 10x as many customers, so they would eventually have to fire people.


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Nah maintenance contracting is engineered into SaaS/IaaS products. Hell VOIP is technically the first IaaS product ever deployed, you could say VOIP was IaaS before IaaS was a thing.

If they ran out of customers, they'd just make their product require even MORE MAINTENANCE.


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The future is always so much gayer than you expect.
Magic is always gay boring shit once everyone is using it. Some 70-IQ Ugandan kid with a smartphone today could win every jeopardy tournament ever held. But that ain't magic, that's just some kid with a smartphone.

In a few years your accountant will know exactly how much cash down to the penny to invest in which arcane financial instrument to guarantee returns in 30 years...but that wouldn't be magic anymore either, he'd just be yet another finance guy with an AI tool like Wealthfront's Robo-Advisor. Your doctor will know exactly how many steps you need to take every day to hit a BMI target and your car will know the ideal route from your office to your house to optimize ride time and fuel savings.

And none of that shit will be magic then either, you'll just be another human living with hybrid human/AI tools.


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they'd just make their product require even MORE MAINTENANCE.
That doesn't seem to be the case or the way things are going.

Yes, the maintenance you need to maintain all the new, virtualized infrastructure requires a higher degree of technical sophistication, but it doesn't require near the degree of manhours or meat-space logistics to maintain as having a bunch of physical cabinets everywhere running on top of networks of old shitty switches.

You can keep selling people greater and greater amounts of failover DR/BC redundancy, but eventually you get to the point where you say "fuck having a PBX, fuck putting hardphones on every desk, just put everything in the cloud and put softphones with wifi calling on every managed or byod cellphone, and spend that money on redundant APs and MPLS circuits instead."

If I was starting a company in this space, that's what I'd be doing. As it is, Cloud VOIP companies like Ringcentral are eating our lunch and we're having to partner with them just so we have something to sell customers who want all their shit in the cloud and easy to manage.

Big B2B solutions providers have an out in that they can pivot to selling more and more advanced AI IVRs to businesses, and maintenance contracts on those IVRs, but less companies will be able to compete in that space as it requires actual fucking programmers. AI IVRs are the future of business telecoms and it's going to be hard to compete with people like Google if they want to just use their tech to crush everyone in that space.
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While we're going down this route...can we make custom requests?

Like no gag reflex or big tits? I can see a market for custom people.

It'd probably end up like this though:

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Edit: So yeah, I think we actually can get the method that narrow and yeah, I think we'll have genetailored superbabies in a few generations. But I don't think it's gonna be like GATTACA. I think it's a much more robust system than common perception would have it. You can probably choose trivialities like hair color, eye color, how about we make sure this baby DOES NOT have cystic fibrosis... you can breed out defects I would expect. It will be more difficult to breed in a desired (vague) trait. But I bet they will figure out how to breed in certain traits... like increasing the carrying capacity of oxygen in the blood. Regulate lifetime heart rate. Stuff like that.
The original applications will all be about health, since that's the number 1 thing parents ask about their future newborns (is he/she healthy? everything's ok?). THEN, they worry about IQ, height, whatever.

Which is why the first application is about making HIV and cholera-immune babies.

The only thing S.M.Stirling got wrong is when he located The Draka in South Africa. Poor American, thinking the future Master Race would be white...


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This shit used to scare me until my life was nearly ended due to a mutation of a single gene, and a history of that same mutation having caused untold amounts of damage throughout my family's history. My viewpoint changed real damn quick. If I wanted to have kids, something like crispr would mean that I wouldn't be flipping a coin over whether or not the kid would have a near guaranteed chance of cancer in their lifetime.


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I agree with this but that's a separate issue that should be handled in another thread someday. Eventually people will realize that technology reached an inflection point somewhere in the early 2000s, and the technology we now interact with daily is no longer actually making people happier or improving the quality of life and people will revolt against it.

This is stupid. I have tons of pieces of technology developed over the last 15 years that actively help me and make my life better. Bitch do you even remember what it was like when you were working and you forgot to set the VCR to record your favorite show? Even if I couldn't download the show and watch it on demand, all I need to do is literally take out my phone and my robots at home will record it for me. Do you even realize how fucking awesome that is?

People rebelling against shit has zero to do with it being better or worse for them. People will hate things just to be different. Just for the satisfaction of having something to work against. Why? Because people are fucking retarded when they are happy, because we evolved to seek happiness, never own it.

Shower him with all earthly blessings, drown him in happiness completely, over his head, so that only bubbles pop up on the surface of happiness, as on water; give him such economic satisfaction that he no longer has anything left to do at all except sleep, eat gingerbread, and worry about the noncessation of world history — and it is here, just here, that he, this man, out of sheer ingratitude, out of sheer lampoonery, will do something nasty.

He will even risk his gingerbread, and wish on purpose for the most pernicious nonsense, the most non-economical meaninglessness, solely in order to mix into all this positive good sense his own pernicious fantastical element.”
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Naturally our knowledge of the exact nature of each Gene will turn out to be incomplete and in the process of creating even a diseases resistant person we'll end up creating some other new form of super cancer.

I have to admit, though, the idea of being able to create perfectly healthy and uniquely brilliant endomorphic 'Khans' does have a definite appeal. I mean it would at least combat the general 'Idiocracy' trendline we are current following.
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Member when I said that Chinese scientists were working on cloning and other stuff in secret labs? I member.
This inst cloning. Anyway, I'm sure is civil societies with morals will continue to fuck ourselves over with laws and regulations so we fall behind further.

Truly, the hubris of some of the greatest minds in biology will be our undoing. Know what's fun? Pissing off John Glass in a public forum by letting him know that China has dozens of researchers as smart and as capable as him.
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