Hodj Proved Salty: A Tranny's Victory Thread


Macho Ma'am
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94d 14h 22m
I'd post a picture of a gaping asshole but I've already closed the relevant internet sources for today.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with sheer pleasure that I announce we have a new hall of shame post!

The salt-master himself has proven to be the saltiest

I left because ive lost what little respect for most of this community i had.

Wont be back.

Last fucking word

Salt so deep and salty that he rage quit so hard: we thought he actually died. But no, the salt was so strong that he couldn't even stay away and had to pour out one last pile of salt to let us know how much of a bitch he was.

So, I can see no better way than to close out this thread with the following:

You're a pussy and a tranny owned your retarded ass.

Last word, bitch.
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