[Insert Location Here] Mass Shooting


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81d 15h 51m
I dot know why but a dirty bomb scares me more than a nuke.
I live in a large city so if anyone decided to nuke it i would probably be caught in the blast zone so meh. A dirty bomb on the other hand will cause a slow possibly painful death and i am not even talking about the panic and chaos that will grip a large area and fuck up any of the plans you might have.
Uh, no. A nuke would be far more disastrous and scarier compared to a dirty bomb.
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Vyemm Raider
38d 9h 17m
Instead of simply lieing for propagandistic purposes about Muslim shooters , they should always assert that they did it for gay rights in Muslim countries. They get to deflect blame from their financiers. raise awareness of gays, and really put off these savages who do not want to be known as gay crusaders


Ssraeszha Raider
34d 15h 50m
Fake news. Everyone knows the Nakatomi incident happened 30 years ago; Dec 24th 1988.
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