LoTR New Instance Cluster part 1 info.



Riders of Rohan Instance Cluster, Part I

The Shadow in the East arises once more. Darkness threatens to spread across Middle-earth. War is coming. Knowing that the Ring has been found and that the Dark Lord Sauron has begun to call all evil to himself, Gandalf the Grey seeks news of the allies and enemies of the past. Who can he depend upon to come to the aid of the Free Peoples, and what forces might be arrayed against them?

The story begins in Bree before Frodo and his friends arrive. Gandalf sends you to speak with Elrond at Rivendell, and he in turn directs you to the representatives of the Free Peoples who have come to his home in search of answers, and ultimately participate in the Council of Elrond. In Part I, Elrond sends you to speak with Legolas, Boromir, and Glorfindel. Each then asks you to aid their allies or hinder their foes. Legolas sends you to help the scouts of his father Thranduil as they scour the Scuttledells of Mirkwood for origin of the Great Spiders; Boromir, having been assailed by goblins as he neared his destination of Rivendell, warns you that a new Great Goblin has arisen within the Misty Mountains; and Glorfindel tells you to aid the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains, who have been robbed of an egg by the Stone Giants who dwell there.

Webs of the Scuttledells

Berephon here. In Webs of the Scuttledells, players help Thranduil?s scouts as they seek for the cause the Great Spiders? stirring. A wounded scout at the beginning of the instance warns the players that the spiders overwhelmed him and his companions. Many of those traveling with him were captured in their snares.

Along the path, players discover an ancient Woodman burial ground that has been disturbed by the spirits of the Enemy, raising the dead as foul wights under the leadership of a draug-lord. After defeating the Dead, the trio continues deeper into the Scuttledells, fighting through swarms of spiders, until they reach the cavern where D?gelir, queen of the Great Spiders of Mirkwood, has established her nest. There, the players must confront the spider-queen upon her own expansive web over a great chasm below.

While the instance space is generally new, we tried to capture and maintain the atmosphere of the Scuttledells, with its densely packed trees, cobweb covering, and narrow pathways. Along the path, players search cocoons for the missing scouts, sometimes finding things better left undisturbed. New web bridges and combustible webbing add to the creepy effect and highlight the battle with D?gelir at the end of the space . . . watch your step!

Seat of the Great Goblin

Hey everyone, Pinion here to talk about Seat of the Great Goblin. While it?s no surprise that Goblin-town is a tremendously iconic location in Middle-earth, I wanted to ensure that this new interpretation stayed true to the source material while still providing a very different experience from our existing instance in the Misty Mountains. With all the different varieties of goblins that make their home here, I felt it greatly important to distinguish them both in appearance and in drastically varied abilities. I wanted each monster to feel noticeably different, so that varied combinations throughout the space would provide a new challenge. Goblin-town features fairly large yet still manageable pulls for a 3-player space. This design was driven by the idea that each goblin, while not overwhelmingly strong on their own, could become so in a large enough force.

Goblin-town always had a very striking design to it. Thankfully, I was able to employ a few of my favorite features in Seat of the Great Goblin ? raised walkways, a grand throne platform, the inclusion of Gollum?s cave, and an even deeper pit. In designing the two boss encounters, I wanted to ensure that the fights were both very different and memorable. While they were inspired by the monster types of the Goblin-town Throne Room?s encounters, that is where the similarities end ? one is designed to be a controlled, visual-oriented fight, while the other features a wealth of drama and a far more frantic pace

Goblin-town has always been dear to me, and it was truly a pleasure to have the chance to bring it to life in a new form in LOTRO. Below, I?ve included a picture of the new throne room of Goblin-town, as well as a brief description of the space?s narrative:

In the absence of any significant enemy, the goblins have grown craftier than ever, employing their ever-volatile sappers and cruel traps against any who might threaten them. Filthy debris and half-finished structures litter Goblin-town and pour into the pit of a surly troll, the oft-neglected pet of the sitting Great Goblin, Uloga. However, since the fall of the Great Goblin by Gandalf?s hand, the rule of Goblin-town has not long remained under one goblin, as others are more than eager to seize power the moment the chance presents itself. Nevertheless, as a part of Gandalf?s charge, you must ensure that Goblin-town cannot rise again to become a great threat to Eriador during so pivotal a time in The War of the Ring.

Iorbar?s Peak

Hey everyone, it?s me, Sleepy! I?ve been working on a new 3-man instance called Iorbar?s Peak, and it focuses on the stone-giants of the Misty Mountains. While we know from Tolkien?s works that the giants are an unpredictable and dangerous race, we know very little else about them. In this instance, you will encounter a new type of giant that has yet to be seen in our journey through Middle-Earth. Their reckless and primitive nature will be a focus of many of the skills and game-play mechanics, but their fantastic new appearance (Thanks, LOTRO art team!) also helps to give them a distinct flavor and background. Secluding themselves among the storms and rock walls of the mountain tops, they have developed an exterior that more closely matches the elements of nature surrounding them. Here?s a summary of the underlying narrative, to help pique your interest. (You see what I did there?) Cheers!

The sloping cliffs and snow covered ledges of Iorbar?s Peak rise above the caves and crude stone dwellings of the Misty Mountains giant-folk. It is there that the stone-giant, Helf, has managed to withdraw. In his possession is the stolen egg of a great eagle, and he has begun to prepare it for his next meal. Lord Gwaihir, in his distress, has sent a request for the aid of any adventurers daring enough to ascend the passage to Helf?s home.

Recovering the egg will be no simple task! The stone-giants command a stable of dangerous pets upon the mountain-side; they have formed an uneasy alliance with the cunning Dourhand dwarves; and are capable of hurling rocks and boulders down upon those who trespass along the twisting paths. Do you have the dedication and skill to overcome these many obstacles, and to liberate the egg from peril? Helf awaits your answer.

Return to Dol Guldur

Return Dol Guldur to challenge the denizens of this ancient fortress and to do battle with the Lieutenant who calls it home. Barad Guldur, Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Sammath G?l, Sword-halls and Warg-pens now all scale from 65 to 85 and feature 2 tiers of difficulty. The Dungeons have been converted to a full fellowship instance and the Sword-halls have been significantly restructured. All the instances have seen bugfix and polish passes to smooth out previous issues and ensure high quality play.


Hello all, xRockx here! Instance and raid rewards are slated to enter into some very interesting territory with the next update. Among other things, we?ve added the ability for treasure chests to support the Remote Looting tech introduced in Rohan. This is going to have a significant impact on how players get rewards.

Within the new update, chests in scaling Dol Guldur and the new 3-mans will automatically create rewards for each member of the group?s pending loot-list as soon as the chest is opened by someone. Each person will get their own loot at their own odds independent of everyone else in the fellowship. These chests will not recognize the standard loot rules we?ve used in the past. This means no more rolling on loot for these chests!

In addition, we?re creating and delivering unique item lists for each class. This means the Rune-keeper in the group may see different equipment rewards from the Burglar, who may see different rewards from the Guardian, who may see different rewards from the Captain. You should never see a piece of equipment within your personal loot-list which your character?s class could not potentially use.

Since each player is effectively getting their own version of the chest with its own drop rates, the RNG-fairy may be stingy and not give anyone a juicy reward from an instance. On the flip side, the RNG-fairy may be super nice and give all members of a group a juicy reward. You are no longer guaranteed one teal item at the end of the small fellowship instance, as a group you may get none, but you also may get one for each person.

To help address issues of players in groups getting a bad streak of RNG, or players wanting non-traditional items for their class, nearly all drops in instances and raids will be Bind on Equip. If your Kinship would prefer to handle 2nd Age Symbols via a DKP-esque system, you are more than welcome to?just remember the group leader will no longer have everything handled via Master Loot. Legendary quality drops will remain Bind on Acquire.

In regards to Legendary quality equipment, we?re bringing it back in force. Each class will have two new pieces of Legendary quality equipment available in the instances / raids ? one from the Dol Guldur cluster and one from the new 3-mans. Each piece will be exceedingly rare, though the larger the group, the higher the chance for it to drop.

The Road to Erebor

As the story winds to a conclusion in Part II, you will speak with Gimli, who will tell of troubles in the North. Fast forward to the Battle of Dale at the end of the War of the Ring as Easterlings, Orcs, and Olog-hai assail Dale and the Lonely Mountain. Within the streets of Dale and the shadow of the Lonely Mountain, you will fight alongside Brand and D?in as they lead their people against their foes and seek drive back the darkness.
Developer Diaries.


Bronze Knight of the Realm
I wonder if this game will see a resurgence with the Hobbit releasing tomorrow. I hope it does, it deserves it, in my opinion. Great game, as true as you can reasonably expect to the source material (well, 'filling in the blanks', so to speak), and just fun to muck around in if you are a LOTR fan. Plus the Captain remains one of my favorite MMO classes of all time. I might have to log back into this to see what is going on!


I wonder if this game will see a resurgence with the Hobbit releasing tomorrow. I hope it does, it deserves it, in my opinion. Great game, as true as you can reasonably expect to the source material (well, 'filling in the blanks', so to speak), and just fun to muck around in if you are a LOTR fan. Plus the Captain remains one of my favorite MMO classes of all time. I might have to log back into this to see what is going on!

3 new Hobbit movies next 3 years, then the extended Cut Blu rays im sure.

All this will probally help Turbine.

Also their redoing alot of the old Artworks, Graphics in places like Bree, all of Moria is geting redone.

Then you have the 2 new instances clusters part 1 and 2.

Lastly even though the Game engine is old, They still have dx9 for everyone that needs it, But have the Full Dx10 which dx10 sucks, lol.

But the dx11 Version of LOTR on ultra, ultra is still dam pretty for couple years now.



New instances

Three new 3 man instances are now available in the instance finder: Iorbar's Peak, Seat of the Great Goblin, and Webs of the Scuttledells. These instances scale from level 20 - 85 (no, 20 is not a typo). Read the developer diary for full details!

The Scaling of Dol Guldur

We have scaled the entire Dol Guldur instance cluster. All of these instances now scale from level 65 - 85. Please note the armour values for the level 85 rewards are inaccurate and will be addressed in a future update.

Moria Revamp Part II

The second half of our Moria revamp is now complete! Read the developer diary for full info!

The Yule Festival is here!

We've made changes to this year's Yule festival. One of the most notable is the change to festival tokens. When you log in, you'll notice that your festival currencies from the different festivals will convert into a single festival currency. It should convert on a one to one basis (one old token for one new unified token). Race tokens obtained from running festival races in Bree and the Shire will also convert into this new unified token, but at a higher rate. This allows us to use a single 'festival currency' going forward. Other changes to the Yule festival are listed in the developer diary.

Travel to Quest NPC Tech

You will now see little check marks next to your quests at the quest tracker if your final quest objective is to go talk to an NPC to complete the quest. You should be able to use these check marks to get the option to fast travel back to the Quest NPC. The developer diary has the full details.

Combat Revisions

We have made a number of changes to combat for Update 9. These include revisions to miss chance, base miss rate, interruptions, induction setbacks, and a new Deflection mechanic for NPC Monsters 4 or more levels higher than your character. We encourage everyone to read the developer diary for full details.

It's the Little things.

Graphical updates to Bree and Archet

Bree-town and Archet have received some graphical improvements! Be sure to visit your favorite landmarks and see how they've changed.

Open Tapping & Remote Looting

Open Tapping and Remote Looting are now available across Middle-earth!

Remote Looting on Chests

We've added the ability for chests to support the Remote Looting tech introduced in Rohan. With the new update, chests in scaling Dol Guldur and the new 3-mans will automatically create rewards for each member of the group's pending loot-list as soon as the chest is opened by any player in the instance. Each person will get their own loot at their own odds, independent of everyone else in their fellowship. This completely bypasses the standard loot rules currently seen in game, such as Master Looter, etc. In addition, equipment rewards will be based off of your class. All equipment within your personal loot-list will be something your character can potentially use. Also, most rewards will be Bind on Equip, to allow trading between players to still occur.

Experience Added to Craft Nodes and Recipes

Use of craft nodes and crafting recipes now awards characters with experience upon use for nodes or completion for recipes.

Fast Travel Stable-master System

The Stable-master system has undergone a structural and functional change. The UI will look very different. You will now see ALL available travel options, regardless of any restrictions on going to each location. You will be able to travel to locations for gold/silver/copper as usual, with all restrictions applying, or use a specially made writ to go anywhere, regardless of restrictions.

XP Disabler now available

For those wishing to disable experience gain, a new pocket item is available in the LOTRO Store that will disable all XP gain while equipped. Other advancement, such as deeds and reputation, are unaffected.

Release Notes

?Hytbold Armour can now be placed in shared storage and be accessed by any character on your account.
?Players will no longer be able to equip Mounted Combat bridles until they have completed the quest "Devastation in the North"
?Picking up items in the world while mounted will now auto-dismount you.
?Fixed a bug that caused Sticky Gourd, Sticky Tar, Warding Lore, and Press Onward skills to be interrupted when setback. These skills will now suffer setback penalties, but the induction will not break.
?The Cloak of the Cluck will once again allow you to channel your inner Chicken.
?A number of NPCs and Monsters have had a good talking to and will now show up where they were intended to show up and not wherever the heck they darn well pleased.
?Your chat window will now update whenever Pending Loot Items are removed for a reason other than you putting them in your inventory.
?To help compensate with the differences introduced with Remote Looting, the amount of money Elite monsters and higher drop has been reduced.


?The Gambler 5 Set Trick Resist Rating trait bonus now properly reduces the target's Trick Removal resist chances

?Rune of the Second Age - Incoming Healing Rating now increase properly when going up to Rank 5.

?Several skills in Overpower were not properly incrementing deeds. They should work correctly now.
?Salt the Wound skill description now properly reflects that it interacts with the bleeds from both Thrust and Sweeping Cut

?The hunter legacies "Induction Bow Threat Down" and "Focus Bow Induction Down" should now have a Rating 19, as well as a reasonably priced rank up cost for Rating 20.
?Books and Tomes of the Wind-rider now reduce the Power Cost of Split Shot and Improved Split Shot.
?Mounted Combat: Seeking Arrow, Noble Arrow, and Spread of Arrows now maintain the appropriate stance bonuses when using oils.
?The "Intent Concentration recovers all Archer's Art skills" set bonus will properly reset Archer's Art skills again.

?Fixed a bug that was preventing 'Anthem of the Third Age' from changing to the 'Anthem of the Third Age (Warspeech)' when traited 4 into Protector of Song.

?Mounted Combat: Fixation of Flame now properly displays the Damage Over Time information on skill examination

?The 5-piece bonus from the Warden's Lady's Favour armour set should now appropriately grant a 10% increase to Tactical Mitigation while using Shield Tactics
?The Boot, Onslaught, and Wall of Steel share a single interrupt effect which can only be triggered once every 12 seconds.
?"Muster in..." skills will no longer be usable in combat.
?Grand Master Weapons Training will now enhance Swords' parry chance.
?"The Boot", "Onslaught", and "Wall of Steel" will each have their own Interrupt effect with cooldowns of 8s, 10s, and 12s respectively on the Interrupt portion ONLY!

Mounted Combat
?The 3 discipline skills (Red Dawn, Riddermark, and Rohirrim) are now usable outside of Rohan and areas not supporting mounted combat.
?The Toggle Skill version of the "Dash" Mounted Combat skill is now also usable outside of Rohan
?Burglars can no longer stealth and ride a war-steed.
?Slightly changed the wording of the War-steed level increase string.
?Revised the wording of the warning seen when changing character traits at a bard to reduce confusion around legendary traits
?The 20% steed speed buff sold in the LOTRO Store will no longer work on war-steeds. The speed increase is only to affect standard horses & goats.
?The buff provided from the mounted relic "Insignia of Ending" should now accurately provide the next Resolution cast with an additional 25% crit chance.
?The "Break Free" Mounted Combat skill should now work on all movement impairing effects.
?The "Knocked Down" and "Stunned" Mounted Combat debuffs should now accurately describe their effects.
?Warsteed jumping should be smoother.

The Ettenmoors
?Removed the 80 meters distance check on PvMP kill credit. Now grouped players anywhere in the Ettenmoors will receive credit for PvMP kills, in the form of Commendations and/or Infamy/Glory.
?The Weaver's Scytode Brood Hatchling will now properly respect the 1s cooldown on its default attack. No, really.
?Potions and Consumables no longer drop from bosses and other mobs in the Ettenmoors.
?Set Trap for Black Arrow's will now give information on what the trap does instead of nothing...
?Improved Punctured Target for Black Arrows should properly keep the armour debuff from Punctured Target.
?Eye Gash should now properly gain the additional 20% chance to apply its Brute Bonus from the skill Brute.
?Penetrating Arrows Trait for Black Arrows should no longer reference the hunter skill Penetrating Shot.
?Continuous Blood Rage's Morale cost should now scale appropriately.
?The block rating on the Coldfells Warden Shield and the Guardian's Barricade has been increased.
?Curse of Deadly Sorrows and Banner of Terror should now debuff Tactical Mastery instead of Will.
?Players are now allowed to loot each other in the Ettenmoors! Player will drop items based off their race. Now is the time to collect trophies of your enemies!

Several skill adjustments have been made to Player and Monster Player interrupt skills:
?Burglar Addled cooldown has been increased from 15s to 20s.
?Champion Clobber cooldown has been increased from 5s to 10s
?Hunter Blindside cooldown has been reduced from 20s to 12s.
?Reaver Gut Punch cooldown reduced from 15s to 10s.
?Warleader Fracture cooldown increased from 10s to 15s. Brawler Stance now reduces Fractore cooldown by 5s.
?Stalker Pounce and Sudden Pounce cooldowns increased from 10s to 15s. Raking Claw Brute bonus has been replaced with a 50% Induction Duration debuff.

Freep Off-hands, Shields, and Class Items
?Level 85 versions of the PvMP Off-hands, Shields, and Class Items have been added to the class vendors. The new items cost 4000 Comendations each, but players can turn in the level 75 versions for a 10% discount.

Troll & Ranger Sessions
?Removed the Min Range requirements from the Troll's ranged attacks and the Ranger's ranged auto-attack.

?Eye Gash brute bonus BPE debuff now scales with level.

?Fixed a bug that was granting the Reaver's Relentless buff to existing Defilers.
?There was a small chance that a Defiler could overwrite another's Plague of Flies cast. This should no longer occur.

Raids, Instances, Skirmishes
?You are now able to start the Helegrod Dragon Raid with more than 12 players in the raid.
?Players can no longer join instances that have been scaled to more than 10 levels above their current level.
?The original Barad Guldur sets are now available from the Classic skirmish vendors. New level 85 versions, with updated stats and different appearances are also available.
?The Lost to the Deeps deed now bestows upon entering the Vile Maw, instead of bestowing outside the actual instance entrance in Water-works.

Legendary Items
?Players will be unable to use Experience Runes on IA weapons until they have completed all quests in Volume II Book 1.
?Crafted class insignias for IA Bridles will now denote that they can be equipped to any relic slot.
?The "Spears Will be Shaken Slow Duration" legacy replace scroll should now work with heavy bridles, not medium ones.
?The names of various class legacies have been updated. The legacy, legacy replacement scrolls, and store offers should all reflect the same name now.
?The Heavy Hytbold armoursmiths have decided to stop making the sets they were awarding out of paper. They are now more durable.

?Clicking the "Make" or "Make All" crafting buttons when mounted will now dismount you automatically
?Players can expect to receive xp while gathering from Farmer, Forester, Prospecter, and Scholar nodes and will also receive varying amounts of xp through the completion of all crafting recipes.
?Bulk crafting recipes should now be on the Crafting skirmish vendor and on the Eastemnet Miscellany Quartermaster.
?Added a heavy shield option to the auto-granted and vendored metalsmith recipes in tiers 3-5. These recipes have been converted to multi-output.
?The medium armor outputs on the Wayfarer's Recipes (Tier 7 Raid) have had their name changed from "Wayfarer's" to "Ranger's" to distinguish them from the light armor outputs.
?Crafting Guild Reputation Items are now only useable by players who are actively a member of the respective Crafting Guild.

?The stats on Leofmar's Broad Axe have been adjusted to make it fall in-line with other weapons of the same level and quality.
?Some Store-purchased perks have had their durations increased to 90 minutes.
?A small number of heavy shoulders had far too much armour. Those have had their armour values reduced to a more expected amount. Also adjusted the armour values of rare and uncommon heavy shoulders slightly.
?The item 'calendar' was incorrectly set to expire on 12/21/12. It has been updated to correctly expire on 9/17/2042.
?The Silver Box of Sutcrofts Spoils will now call the correct relics.
?The Entwash Iron Necklace will no longer have the same stats as the Entwash Brass Necklace. It will now give Incoming Healing in place of Physical Mastery.
?The following weapons have received Slayer Types: ?Coldfells Vengeance
?Seeker's Blade
?Inquisitor's Edge

?New auto-bestow quests are now available as you level up through the game (pre-moria).
?Some of the quest rewards in the Redhorn lodes have been updated/changed.
?Patching Friendships now has "Brunstan's Copper Ring" as a potential quest reward, in place of the "Failed Assassin's Ring."
?'The Corrupted Matrons' will reward players with the Light Halter of the Norcrofts. Those who have already completed the quest will be given the appearance as well.
?The quest rewards from "The Tourney Field: Mounted Combat Tutorial" can now be used at Level 71
?Langhold - quest flow fix: "An Unnerving Display of Confidence," crucial to the quest chain of Langhold, is no longer a remote-bestowed quest. It has switched places with "Brigands of the Wold". Unnerving Display is now offered by Dala, and Brigands is remote-bestowed.

Three changes have been made to quest items for better use with the war-steed in Rohan:
?Quest items can now be used while mounted.
?Quest items no longer require that you face them in order to use them.
?Quest items now have a broader usage range.

The following quests have been removed as part of the second half of Moria's revamp, replaced as new quests.
?The Carver's Stash
?Gredbyg in the Camp
?Thoughts Left Behind
?Piercing the Walls
?Balin's Camp in Nud-melek is ready to reward those brave enough to explore!
?For the later zones that previously had little organized content, much of the content will be exploration-based. Quest chains won't vector there, but quests can be discovered using the new Remote Bestowal tech by finding interesting locations in the second half of Moria.
?In case you want to visit Balin's camp in Moria, it will be a bit easier to get to now. The monsters have been thinned out along that path.
?The quest "Back and Forth" from the 21st Hall has been removed. This quest was a prerequisite for part of the Moria instance cluster, and this content will now be open without the trip from the 21st Hall to the middle of the Redhorn Lodes. No rewards were associated with this quest.
?Some quests in Zelem-melek are being deleted and replaced with similar versions of themselves so that new quest arcs are not confusing to players who have already completed the quests. Affected quests took place in the monster camp Gazatu-ru in Zelem-melek. Quests that have been replaced are as follows: "Giving the Durub a good Drubbing," "A Multitude of Durub," "The Killing Blow," and "Death to the Puny Mine Dwellers." Some titles have been retained in the replacement quests, but others have been changed.
?Limlight Gorge rep will now have deeds and titles associated with it.

?Great River tasks can now be turned in through level 80, and can be started at level 68.
?Completing Tasks should now work properly when in a raid group.

User Interface
?Eregion and Enedwaith map - Zoom in and player marker should now function correctly for those using the French client.
?The objective information for the second stage of the quest 'The Cat's Meow' will no longer disappear automatically unless the player moves out of range.
?The experience bar on the main toolbar has been updated to show experience gained and required relative to the player's current level, rather than the overall total.
?The XP bar tooltip was showing information that overlaps with what was already displayed by the bar itself. This duplicate information has been removed from the tooltip.
?Attempting to use an item or NPC which is outside usage distance will now trigger autonomous movement into range This will work for mounted or dismounted players.There is a new game option which can be used to toggle this functionality called Move To Use, which you will find on the Misc section of the UI Settings Option page.
?When a skill is re-learned it will attempt to go back to it's last known quickslot bar location.
?Encounters within Instance Finder are now sorted alphabetically.
?If you are in an Instance Finder queue and attempt to join a session play you will now be warned that doing this will kick you from the queue.
?The escape key now functions properly when a browser window is open
?Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause Quest Guide colors on the map to all become red.
?"Next/Previous Item" keyboard shortcuts will now start over with the nearest item when you have a non-item selected.
?You can now see up to four escort vital UIs in instances
?Fixed an issue with the keyboard shortcuts like "select next item" where there was potential for them to not cycle through all the available choices
?"Track Nearby Quests" no longer adds trivial quests to the quest tracker if the option "Show Trivial Quest Icons in Radar" is turned off.
?When you first open up the Mounted Combat panel, the player should have the correct weapon displaying,
?Players can now map a new action key to Follow Selection. This works exactly the same as /follow. The new mapping is present on the Key Mapping portion of the Options Panel, under the Miscellaneous header.
?Clicking on the New Title alert should properly open and scroll to the new title in the Titles panel
?Milestone skill names will now include the region name of the destination, e.g. "Return to The Prancing Pony (Bree-Land)"
?We now have a track mounted XP button on the mounted combat stats page which will give you an floating XP bar.
?A new radar mapnote which tracks nearby enemies, the Enemy mapnote, is now available.
?Any nearby character (player or non-player) which is a valid combat target will be tracked in this way. Stealthed enemies are handled correctly - the mapnote will disappear as the enemy enters stealth, re-appear when the enemy is detected, and disappear again when the enemy re-enters stealth.
?This new mapnote has ONLY an on-screen indicator. When the tracked character moves off the radar screen, thee is no arrow pointing to it.
?Note: The track enemy mapnote is not shown in the instance clusters and any other private encounters without instance quests. Public instances and private enounters with instance quests (such as skirmishes) retain the track enemy mapnote.
?Note: The track enemy mapnote is not shown for enemies that will not aggro on you (trivial or neutral mobs).

Town Services
?The Bartenders in Ered Luin, The Shire, Breeland, Evendim, The Trollshaws, and Rohan should now all offer draughts and salves for all levels.
?The Eastemnet Shields, Weapons, Jewellery Quartermaster will now offer Silver Necklaces and Baubles for each of the 4 major areas.
?A Relic-master, Forge-master, and Healer can now be found in Feldburg.
?A cooking fire has been added in Harwick, located between the crafting hall and mead hall.

Maps, Travel, and Travel Steeds
?Festival mounts no longer require Documents of Mount Ownership or Race Tokens for purchase. The current festival mounts will, however, require a new currency - the Golden Festival Token which can be achieved through completing new festival related deeds. Our mount vendors, Will Peartree in Hengstacer Farm and his new associates Dawson Berwick and Amanda Browning in Frostbluff, have updated their inventory to reflect the new pricing. The festival horse races will still be present, but now will only award normal festival tokens.
?The Steed of the Captain's coat has been changed to match the color shown in promotional material. It is no longer a blonde-sorrel, and has been changed to a rich brown color.
?You can now ask the stable-masters to take you somewhere while you are mounted. This will dismount you and mount you on the stable horse.

Yule Festival
?Festival mounts no longer require Documents of Mount Ownership or Race Tokens for purchase. The new festival mount will, however, require a new currency - the Golden Festival Token which can be achieved through completing new festival related deeds. Our mount vendors, Will Peartree in Hengstacer Farm and his new associates Dawson Berwick and Andy Brown in Frostbluff, have updated their inventory to reflect the new pricing. The festival horse races will still be present, but now will only award normal festival tokens.
?Existing Yule Festival Tokens, Frostbluff Coins and all festival Race Tokens will be versioned in to Festival Tokens, a new currency. Documents of Mount Ownership will version in to a Festival Ticket.
?There are three new deeds tied to the Yule Festival that are advanced by completing quests within Frostbluff and Winter-home. These are The More the Merrier, tiers one, two and three. Completing these deeds will grant you Golden Festival Tokens and unlock access to a new vendor in Winter-home.
?Auto-bestow quests will now indicate when the festival is active, and help you get right to Frostbluff without bother.
?All quests in Frostbluff and the Festival Races are now daily quests and can be reset with Festival Tokens. The Eating Contest advances your festival completion deeds on the first step, but will not grant a free re-try on failure.
?There is a new war-steed appearance set of the festival mount. This set is available for those who complete Tier 3 of The More the Merrier!


SW: Sean, CW: Crone, GW: Wizardhawk
15d 8h 17m
I still log on occasionally to check things out, but it works out to probably less than an hour a week. I love the atmosphere of the game and think Turbine did an amazing job realizing Middle Earth, but the gameplay is just so bland.


A Mod Real Quick
31d 8h 33m
Is this game still free to play?

Is the combat still "push 1 button, it queues attack, then attacks"?


2 Minutes Hate
They did modify combat to be more immediate a few years ago which was a huge improvement. I'd check it out if I were you since it's free. It's worth an hour of play time.


SW: Sean, CW: Crone, GW: Wizardhawk
15d 8h 17m
They did modify combat to be more immediate a few years ago which was a huge improvement. I'd check it out if I were you since it's free. It's worth an hour of play time.
True. It's far better than it used to be, but compared to the fluidity of WoW it is VERY jarring and hard to get used to.

I think the most fun I had during my 2 - 3 solid years in LOTRO was:

1) exploration. Its so cool to see all the places you've read about in the books
2) farming in the Shire. I even put together a farming outfit with boots, trousers, gloves, and a wide-brim hat.


SW: Sean, CW: Crone, GW: Wizardhawk
15d 8h 17m
LOTRO has, in my opinion, one of the better F2P systems. You can create any race and all but 2 classes and you pretty much have free reign of everything up to the level 20ish zones. The beauty is that as you complete quests and work your way through the game you earn tokens that you can use to buy stuff from the store. Generally, by the time a player starts running into areas that require purchases, you'll have enough tokens collected to buy the next tier zone and continue leveling. Eventually you'll reach a point where your token accumulation isn't enough to afford the next zone, so then you will either have to:

1) buy stuff from the store (although the prices are quite reasonable)
2) grind in-game quests/achievements for more tokens

I forgot to mention that the best part of the game--the epic quests where you interact with Gandalf, Aragorn, etc.--are always free for everyone. So even if you haven't purchased a particular zone, you can still enter that zone and do the epic quests to progress the story.


2 Minutes Hate
That's misleading because they're not changing shit. From what I've read, they are changing how dicerolls do stuff for missing and critical hits etc. Nothing to do with the actual engine/mechanics of combat.


SW: Sean, CW: Crone, GW: Wizardhawk
15d 8h 17m
At this point LOTRO's combat has become similar to EQ2 in that it's clear that it has some major deficiencies, but for whatever reason it will/can never be fully fixed.

No one should play LOTRO for the combat, anyway. The biggest reason to get into LOTRO is to explore Middle Earth. The world is MASSIVE. At launch all they had were the northern zones (basically the Shire plus a bit North/East/West), but now you can venture all the way from the Blue Mountains in the North West to the plains of Rohan far south, and as far East as Mirkwood. It's worth a month or two sub just to explore the world once. If you're not a fan of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings then you shouldn't bother with this game.


What's the story with the Moria re-vamp? Pushing past Moria always kills my desire to level a character. Poorly thought out and laid out zones



I am lifetime sub and always get the expansions.
This is true in many MMO's get the expansions even if their few all out with new expansions around the same time.

However , this like so many other good games, dont have the time to play atm, due to real life not to mention just cant play more then few mins here and their.


Vyemm Raider
6d 3h 14m
I enjoyed Lotro for a few months a couple of years ago. Nice casual game with a great community. The only thing lacking imo was decent pvp, which is true of most mmos.

Think I'll download this and check it out again. Not playing much of anything atm, this should be fun for a bit.