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Vyemm Raider
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“The violence in Sweden has now become so extreme that Malmö can be likened to a gangster movie” - Moderate Party leader
He talked, among other things, about the recent brutal shootings and bombings in Sweden. “ It's like a scene from a gangster movie, he said about Malmö (where the M-leader himself was born) but it is everyday life in the country’s third largest city.”, he said. He also stated that his party wants to deal with crime for real. He argues that firm, concrete “liberal reforms”, are the best way to “quench populism”.

“44 dead in shootings this year is not a challenge, it’s a big problem”, he said. However, there are a few exciting long-term challenges to take on:

Such as Swedish competitiveness in the increasingly globalised world economy. And the fact that the labour market is now affected by digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence. “And Swedish students need to master not only English, French and German, but also Arabic and Chinese”, Kristersson said with emphasis, pointing out that this is “crucial” for long-term Swedish success.

He also stressed that his party is “liberal conservative”. We have respect for the many lessons learned in history. We are simply Liberal Conservatives. And those who do not want to understand that, and fantasise about a new conservative block, have not understood anything. “We are a liberal workshop with a few conservative tools at our disposal. We get things done”, he concluded.
A new generation of refugees are being recruited into Berlin's Arab crime gangs
Known in the media as Berlin's "clans", whose founders themselves fled war in Lebanon in the 1980s, they have long controlled much of the city's illegal drugs trade, street prostitution and protection rackets. Now police warn that the clans have sought out new members from among the over one million asylum-seekers who have arrived in Germany since mid-2015, half of them from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The clans "are trying to get others to do the dirty work" such as selling drugs or committing small burglaries, said Benjamin Jendro of the GDP police union. Many refugees, he said, are "men who have arrived alone in Germany" and who "have not yet had to do with the justice system," making it less likely they will go to prison if caught. An undercover police investigator also told Die Welt newspaper that "above all, it is the young, physically strong men who are in the sights of the clans, who make them do the dirty work".

The extended families, aside from now running large chunks of Berlin's illegal economy, have also committed some of the city's most headline-grabbing criminal stunts. In 2010, masked men wielding machetes and guns robbed a poker tournament in the Berlin Grand Hyatt, making off with about 240,000 euros ($270,000). In 2014, robbers rampaged through Berlin's KaDeWe luxury department store, smashed glass displays and stole watches and jewellery worth 800,000 euros. And last year, clan-linked bandits stole a 100-kilogramme (220-pound) Canadian commemorative gold coin worth over 3.75 million euros from Berlin's Bode museum, around the corner from Chancellor Angela Merkel's apartment.
An investigative report into extremist mosques in Berlin.


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I find it kind of amazing that it's so easy to sneak up on top of the pyramids in broad daylight. Seems like if two people could sneak up there with camera equipment to fuck, you could sneak up there with a fucking bomb or something and vandalize the ever loving shit out of the place.



Vyemm Raider
31d 7h 17m
US builds new military base in Syria despite Trump’s withdrawal announcement
The U.S. military constructed a new base in the eastern countryside of the Deir Ezzor Governoratet this week, despite Donald Trump’s announcement that American troops would be withdrawing from Syria. According to local reports from the Deir Ezzor province, the U.S. military constructed a new base west of the former Islamic State stronghold of Hajin.

The new military base was reportedly under construction before the U.S. President’s announcement that his nation’s troops would be returning home from Syria. Hajin was captured by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) last week following a fierce battle with the Islamic State terrorists inside the town.
Syrian refugee tests bomb in his back garden in Belgium
A 20-year-old Syrian refugee has been charged for terrorist activities and by the correctional court in Charleroi, Belgium. Newspaper HLN reports that the man, named Ahmed A., tested a bomb in his back garden in Mouscron. The Syrian national was already monitored after an FBI warning, Belgian officials said. The charges against the man are: Preparing a terrorist attack and participating in terrorist activities.

After his arrest the man told via a translator that the explosives were to be used for fishing, but these remarks were rejected by the magistrate. She said the man was tracked down after his online search for terrorist activities and his research into making explosives. The Syrian refugee’s lawyer called the man ‘a peaceful refugee’ instead of a terrorist and said the test in his back garden wasn’t serious. But according to the magistrate the man liked the activities of ISIS on Facebook and Telegram. The prosecutor demanded five years in jail. The verdict is on 16 January next year.
For anyone whose curious about what happens when the police in the UK learn about a credible threat to you or your family.
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Bronze Baronet of the Realm
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I 100% get why people think it is important: here is your raw, uncomfortable proof that these types jihadist people are human shit. But flip it on its head: What if that shitstain who killed the kids at Sandy Hook had made a video of it and it got online?

Does it lend more power to gun control, because you’re now better able to become physically ill after seeing it vs. being told it? Or does nothing really change as a result, except now the parents get even more fucked up watching their child die horribly and knowing that even having seen this, their child is still gone forever and now they are even more angry? Same with this.

Morocco will execute the fuckers quickly, regardless to the politics, because they can’t risk losing tourism dollars like Egypt

Old Europe

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Two girls get killed by terrorists in the most gruesome way. You belittle them, call them dumb and piss all over their graves in the European Politics thread because it fits your agenda so well and makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

And now? Let's share the video of the kill, quick, get it while you it's up! At least that way we can get a cheap kick out of their deaths!

Oh, what a classy bunch of people you are...


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25d 3h 10m
So what is Trump getting for letting Turkey butcher the Kurds in a month or two?
Defending the Kurds is a no win situation, on the one hand they will actively fight Turkey a NATO ally to the bitter end to maintain their territory, on the other hand they're communists who hate America. They're allies with the West right now because it benefits them, but I'm not sure how you can reconcile their stated goals with Western values.

Kurdistan Workers' Party - Wikipedia
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