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America is fascist?

The commies in Russia had the exact same misunderstanding that the nazis in Germany had. Well, several in fact but one in particular and that is that both sides see themselves as the 'cure' or 'antithesis' to the other side. That fascism must exists to ward off communism and that communism must exist to ward off fascism (which the Leninists see as a merely new form of capitalism).

The two ideologies are opposite in the sense that one side are absolute biological determinists and the other side are absolute sociological determinists. But what do you do when neither of those determinist propositions are entirely true? What if the answer is that neither biology nor sociology alone can account for the personality or fate of anyone? It doesn't appear to be a 90/10 10/90 split either. It's much closer to 50/50 than either Lenin or Hitler thought. There is a third option.

The Liberals/Libertarians. They built modernism over the course of centuries on the principles of the sovereign individual. Statists and totalitarian NPCs from the extremes of the Left and the Right are just fighting over the scraps left behind by the liberated individualists. Christian or otherwise. White or otherwise. Male or otherwise.
Hopefully liberals can incorporate biological determinism. The ever increasing quantity of biological NPCs is already eroding the quality of liberal governance.
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Hopefully liberals can incorporate biological determinism. The ever increasing quantity of biological NPCs is already eroding the quality of liberal governance.
Fair enough C-A, but "hopefully radical rightists can incorporate sociological determinism". You know what I mean?

The answer is that we individual humans are both biologically and sociologically determined. Not simply all one or all the other.


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31d 19h 31m
It's not impossible to incorporate. You have to become very specific about your terms though. There isn't room for inexactness.

It is HARD to incorporate, because you do have to abandon certain groupings and ideas which are contextually useful and which seem both intuitive and obvious but which become counter productive when you're being forced to deal with terms so specific.

That's not new though. That's been a very real struggle since the Enlightenment. It is THE struggle that keeps appearing in different forms with every new discovery or major innovation.

There are limits to empiric objectivism. They're very deep limits but they do exist.


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Fair enough C-A. but hopefully radical rightists can incorporate sociological determinism. You know what I mean?

The answer is that we individual humans are both biologically and sociologically determined. Not simply all one or all the other.
Not everyone. Fully NPC subjects are 100% biological, thinking causes them pain or discomfort. Excluding the meme of NPCs and politics, I can still locate millions of examples.

Just ask your local dealers and pharmacists about their clientele. Show me addicts that get wasted and don't read. They act cool and easy going until there's a thinking situation, suddenly they go 0-60 with violence because thinking hurts. Show me the drain on your overburdened systems. A horrifying number of people can not think for themselves and are only alive because consequences are insufficient.

Their numbers were a luxury and can no longer be safely sustained. Thanks to communication technology, they are 100% going to act on behalf of totalitarian babysitter political parties. Every NPC has a smart phone, even the refugees; I bet George Soros says that at meetings.
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Fair enough C-A, but "hopefully radical rightists can incorporate sociological determinism". You know what I mean?

The answer is that we individual humans are both biologically and sociologically determined. Not simply all one or all the other.
That's the point where I tend to remind people of the laws of behavioral genetics, notably the fact that (on all traits examined so far, meaning it's the null hypothesis now) shared environment (familial, geographical and social) has less of an impact than genetic inheritance.

All traits, from agressivity to IQ ro risk taking to empathy, have three sources: genes, shared environment and random individual variation. The only question is how much, in %, all three are for a given trait (and the fact that genes always seem to be > to shared). IQ, for instance, is 80% genetic at adulthood, and very low in shared.

This means you CAN use culture, education, and other factors to alter and improve outcomes... but those have an effectiveness ceiling that is, often, quite low. But since those are the only variables we can tweak (barring massive improvements in CRISPR-CAS12), they're the only way you can work. It's just that you shouldn't overcommit resources when you fail to achieve the desired results, because at one point, you're going against the genes, and you won't win.


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Some asian (old) news:

World is failing newborn babies

Despite not being at war, supposedly not being too underdevelopped, and having nuclear weapons... Pakistan is the country with the highest newborn deaths... (with his neighbor Afghanistan being 3rd)
Ctrl F. "Consanguinity".... "Inbreed"....

Great detective work guys. It's because they fuck their sisters and cousins. The world isn't failing them. A very specific two persons are doing it.


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29d 5h 53m
Car Bomb Kills 44 in Kashmir, India Demands Pakistan Take Action Against Terrorists
A suicide bomber rammed a car bomb into a bus carrying Indian paramilitary police in Kashmir on Feb. 14, killing 44 of them in the deadliest attack in decades on security forces in the disputed region. The Pakistan-based Islamic terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) has claimed responsibility for the attack. A video circulating on social media on Feb. 14 purportedly featured the suicide bomber, and showed a young man holding a gun and threatening more attacks.

Mohammad Yunis, a journalist who reached the site minutes later, told Reuters he saw blood and body parts scattered along a 100-meter stretch of the main highway running through the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian forces have sporadically battled Islamic terrorists in mountainous Kashmir since an armed revolt in 1989 in which tens of thousands were killed, but car bombings are rare.

The Indian foreign ministry accused the Pakistani government of giving the terrorist group Jaish a free run in Pakistan, saying it has allowed the group’s leader, Masood Azhar, “to operate and expand his terror infrastructure in territories under the control of Pakistan and to carry out attacks in India and elsewhere with impunity.”
Jihadi Teen Who Ran Away to Join ISIS Gives Birth in Syria and Renews Pleas to Be Allowed Back Into UK
Begum, who spoke to Sky News reporter John Sparks, said “a lot of people should have sympathy” toward her, as she urged her family to “keep trying to get me back [to the UK].” In response to earlier suggestions, she might pose a security threat and her return should be blocked—Begum said she was “just a housewife” and that British authorities had no evidence of her “doing anything dangerous.”

In an earlier interview with the Sunday Times, Begum was unrepentant about running away from home to join up with ISIS, saying “I don’t regret coming here.” She added she thought the so-called caliphate was corrupt and nearing collapse. “I don’t have high hopes. They are just getting smaller and smaller,” she said. “And there is so much oppression and corruption going on that I don’t really think they deserve victory.”

Begum described her nearly three years in the jihadi caliphate to The Times in an interview punctuated by shocking statements, like when she talked about seeing “beheaded heads” in bins, but added it “did not faze her.” When asked by Sky News about beheadings, she replied, “Yeah, I know about those things and I was OK with it. From what I heard, Islamically that is all allowed so I was OK with it,” she said.
Sweden: Commuter train passengers forced to sit still while knifeman cuts down two people
According to testimony, the man used pepper spray inside the train car and ordered travelers to sit still while he stabbed two people. The drama took place at 5 pm in a commuter train car filled with travelers between Uppsala Central Station and Arlanda Airport. “The stabber screamed that we would not call the police and that everyone would sit still. It was really scary”, a woman who traveled with the train said.

Despite this alarm calls were received. And when the train arrived at Arlanda Airport, security guards were waiting on the platform to seize the man. Police inspector Dana Karim stated that the knifeman is suspected of attempted murder and that he understands that it has been a shocking experience for the afternoon travelers, but adds that he considers the event to have been harmless.

“It is important to emphasize that we regard this as an isolated event. There is no indication that this has posed any danger to the public”, Karim explained.
France: Man Killed Sister’s Boyfriend ‘Because He Was French and Non-Muslim’
The assize court in Gard rejected Mr Kouider’s appeal after forensic evidence contradicted the 29-year-old’s claim that his killing of Kevin Roudesly, 21, had been an accident. A doctor’s report informed the court that the victim “had his jugular vein sliced and his lungs skewered by the blade”. Kouider has received a 30 year murder sentence.

Kouider, whose “archaic” views were likened to the Taliban by the advocate general, reportedly rejected the accusation that the murder was a crime driven by racism while the court heard that Kouider and his aunt refused to accept Imène’s relationship with Kevin ‘on the grounds that he was “French and non-Muslim”, the newspaper reported.

“There was nothing religious” about the killing, Kouider protested, telling the court that “even people who only talk about me in the negative” would characterise him as a “protector of the family”.


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29d 5h 53m
Ireland: Teen brandishing knife among gang of 30 who terrorized local shop forcing it to close in north Dublin
They're a well known African migrant gang which is apparently why the article is so sparsely written.
One of the people at the shop also reported seeing a teen holding a knife - but thankfully it wasn't used to threaten anyone. The group, who are believed to be from the Balbriggan area, are known to gardai across Dublin's north coastal villages as they target areas in close proximity to the DART line.

Gardai confirmed they went in search of the gang after they left the shop, but didn't manage to locate them.
The local councillor said: "It surprises me and disappointing me that gardai didn't make it down on time to catch them.
Sweden: Palestinian man to be deported for synagogue fire bombing attack
On the evening of December 9, 2017, the Jewish congregation's synagogue in Gothenburg was subjected to an attack by about ten people who threw fire bombs on both the synagogue and parked cars outside.

The district court had originally sentenced Feras Alnadim to two years' imprisonment and deportation for the fire attack against the Jewish congregation in Gothenburg - but the Court of Appeal revoked the expulsion decision. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled there was no “reasonable reason” to assume Alnedim would “risk being punished with death or being subjected to bodily punishment, torture or other inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” in Gaza.
Afghan who stabbed refugee aid worker to death in Germany is cleared after court rules that it was self-defence
The 18-year-old defendant, named as Seyed M., was accused of hitting 20-year-old Jose M. on the head with a beer bottle and then stabbing him six times, piercing his heart and fatally wounding him. But the court heard Jose had first punched the Afghan in the face, and judges concluded Seyed had acted in self-defence.

The court heard Jose had put the Afghan in a headlock and punched him in the face, and that Seyed had initially tried to defend himself more 'mildly' with a glass bottle.

The row was said to have erupted last year after refugee worker Jose told Seyed to stop harassing a female friend. The prosecution claimed Seyed M had 'fallen in love' with the girl, but that she had rejected him. The two confronted each other in a park in the early hours of May 22, with Seyed allegedly bringing a 5.5-inch bread knife.
Alesha MacPhail trial: Aaron Campbell, 16, found guilty of rape and murder of six-year-old girl in Scotland
The 16-year-old killer, Aaron Campbell, took the schoolgirl from her bedroom, carried her along the shore in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute and left her “brutalised” body in woodland at the site of a derelict hotel. He was found guilty on the ninth day of a harrowing trial at the High Court in Glasgow, where he attempted to blame 18-year-old Toni McLachlan, the girlfriend of Alesha’s father Robert MacPhail, for the murder.

The jury heard that the killer took Alesha from her bed in the seafront flat where she was staying with her father and grandparents, using a knife to silence her. He then carried her to the grounds of a disused hotel where he raped and smothered her. The schoolgirl suffered 117 injuries in the violent attack, with a pathologist telling the jury he had never seen anything like the injuries inflicted on her private parts.

The teenager gave evidence in his own defence and was branded a “confident liar” by the prosecution. But the jury was unanimous in rejecting his evidence. His DNA was found “all over” Alesha and her clothes, which lay near her body, and he had been caught on CCTV leaving his home on three separate occasion in the early hours of July 2. The teen killer faces a mandatory life sentence and a permanent place on the sex offenders registry.

The teenager accused of killing her was arrested on July 4. It emerged on the first day of the trial that he knew the family because he had bought cannabis from Alesha’s father.
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29d 5h 53m
India detains Kashmir separatists, issues new warning to Pakistan
Indian authorities arrested dozens of Muslim leaders in raids across Kashmir and sent thousands of reinforcements to the troubled territory on Saturday as Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped up warnings to Pakistan over a suicide bomb attack. The region has been on edge since the February 14 attack on an Indian convoy which killed 40 soldiers and was claimed by Pakistan-based Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

About 10,000 paramilitaries started arriving in Kashmir on Saturday, a day after India ordered the reinforcements. Modi told a rally in Rajasthan state that the country was "angry" about the attack in the Pulwama district of Indian-held Kashmir. "We will not sit quietly after taking this pain. We know how to crush terrorism," he added. "We have given full freedom to the military."

Among those taken into custody in the crackdown in Kashmir were senior figures in Jamaat-e-Islami, the region's biggest religious organisation, and the Hurriyat Conference, a coalition of local political parties.
Jamaat and Hurriyat Conference both strongly support Muslim Kashmir's right to choose whether it wants to be part of India or Pakistan, which have been fighting over the region since independence in 1947.

The arrests drew widespread criticism from Kashmir political leaders. "Fail to understand such an arbitrary move which will only precipitate matters," Mehbooba Mufti, a pro-India former chief minister said on Twitter. "You can imprison a person but not his ideas."

Businesses across Kashmir were shut on Saturday, some in protest at the arrests and with others fearing conflict between India and Pakistan. Many in Kashmir are wary of a military strike over the suicide bomb and residents in several areas reported unusual military air activity on Friday night.

India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars since 1947 over Kashmir.
Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps
Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’’s crown prince, on Friday defended China’s use of concentration camps for Muslims, saying it was Beijing’s “right”. "China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremisation work for its national security,” Prince Mohammed, who has been in China signing multi-million trade deals much to the annoyance of his Western allies, was quoted as saying on Chinese state television.

Xi Jinping, China’s leader, told the crown prince the two countries must strengthen international cooperation on de-radicalisation to “prevent the infiltration and spread of extremist thinking”.

China has detained an estimated one million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps, where (the government has said) they are undergoing re-education programmes allegedly intended to combat extremism.
Spain: Woman Dies, 19 Ill After Eating Speciality ‘Poisonous’ Mushrooms at Michelin-Starred Restaurant
A woman has died after eating a $100 per head meal with potentially poisonous mushrooms at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain as she celebrated her husband’s birthday. The Riff Restaurant in Valencia has been closed while local authorities investigate the death of 46-year-old María Jesús Fernández Calvo, along with 19 customers who also fell ill reported local media.

The family had opted for a special taster menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, including one with the morel mushrooms, Morchella esculenta, which is a delicacy in France. The mushrooms are poisonous if eaten raw, but are rendered harmless through cooking.

“True morels” have an even more deadly sibling—”false morels”—which look similar to the untrained eye. False morels are a delicacy in Nordic countries but require more extensive preparation to strip them of their powerful hydrazine toxin.

According to an earlier report by El Espanol, 10 people who opted for that menu also suffered from mild symptoms of poisoning. Chef Bernd Knöller expressed his “deep sorrow” for the death of Calvo, reported the Telegraph.


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6d 2h 35m
Wow that video is alarming. Just listen to the onlookers and how they react...it was an authentic reaction to a ridiculous statement.

Somebody even yells to have the Muslim brotherhood leader to wear a Hijab instead!

Holy shit is Islam fucked.