Mike Brown n' Arson Town: The Quest for Vibranium Jogging Shoes


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So, saw this on Twitter, clicking thru more than I usually do, and wanted to ask our resident police/EMT folk.

Does this guy have a point? Because it looks like he does. Boys in blue are MPD. Brown uniforms are...well, if they we're in St. Paul, they would be Ramsey County Sheriff deputies, so I can only assume they are Hennepin County Sheriff. I can kinda understand having officers travel in an ambulance with a suspect who is belligerent, but is this normal practice for NO EMT to show up? Just Sheriff, throw him on a board and hop into the ambulance after you throw him in?
Dem setup. The entire thing.


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The coming investigation will lead straight to Soros and whoever is running the show domestically.
Would be better to nuke those responsible, but Trump/Barr like "by the book" justice.

Yeah that is honestly the problem, the whole "by the book" justice stuff is going to kill this country when only one side even cares about justice. I don't want a dictator but sometimes you need one to make shit happen. Trying to play by the rules in war when the other side doesn't care is a recipe for failure, what good is the higher moral ground when you fucking lose and die.

These faggots need to understand that war isn't teacups, rose petals, fairytales. We are in a war for this country and we are losing because the dumbest fucking American Inventors on the planet want to fight with both hands tied behind their back. I am sick of playing with a handicap pretending that somehow that is just and right. The winner decides who was right the loser dies. #HugThemAll


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I listened to a podcast a while back about the "Weather Underground" and how they used to get together and talk about revolution and killing cops but in reality they were all limp wristed spaghetti armed pussies who didn't have the balls to actually even fight someone, let alone a cop. Antifa going around lighting fires wearing masks seem like history repeating.
Weather Uinderground were pretty dangerous, they made shitloads of bombs and managed to blow themselves up. They also did this: Brink's robbery (1981) - Wikipedia where they killed 2 police officers and a Brinks Guard.

They weren't all talk.
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