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Macho Ma'am
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100d 5h 10m
Best part of that article:

Epstein's contempt for minorities - namely, that they don't belong anywhere near positions of authority - isn't reserved simply for race. Back in the 1970s, Epstein penned a story for Harper's Magazine in which he expressed his desire to "wish homosexuality off the face of this earth." He added, of his four sons, "nothing they could ever do would make me sadder than if any of them were to become homosexual." Those comments led to sit-ins and protests outside of Harper's offices, and Epstein has never apologized (and in fact dismissed his critics, some 30 years later, as simply incapable of understanding his own "textured thought").
It's like he's reading Rerolled!


The Dirty Dozen For the Price of One
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139d 17h 54m
I'm pro-choice and far be it from me to defend this guy, but I don't really see this as being any "gotcha" to the rep from Ohio. If you think abortions are murder, it doesn't really matter why the woman wants it. It's pretty simple. That's why all the debate in the world on this topic just doesn't matter. Some people equate abortions to murder and there's no getting past that.
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