Moderator Election Procedures - JUN 2020

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As a piece of being the Administrator here at FoH, part of my duties are running the moderation team and handling moderator elections. Over time, suineg suineg and I came up with the rules and procedures for moderator elections that you see here. Please read them all before you decide to run for the position of moderator.


Candidates will create a thread in the following format "User for Amod - Jun to Dec". Failure to follow the format of the title is grounds for disqualification because if you can't follow these basic rules you can't follow the will of the people.

Inside that thread you will lay out your case for why you should be a moderator. This is NOT why someone else should not be. You aren't competing against others per se.

You will then answer any questions people may have. You can link supporting reasons like helpful posts, your likes on your profile, any medals you have earned, or anything else you think is relevant to you being a good candidate for the office of Amod.

You cannot nominate someone else, you can run yourself.

YOU WILL KEEP YOUR CAMPAIGN TO YOUR THREAD. YOU WILL NOT CAMPAIGN IN YOUR FELLOW CANDIDATES' THREADS OR THE REST OF THE FORUM AT ALL. However, in your signature you can put that you are running and a single link to your thread. You can also campaign in the general election thread in this forum.

Once voting starts these threads will be locked and stickied. The names will be listed in a poll and the rules we finalized in rules discussion will take over from there.

Moderators will not serve consecutive terms (this includes those that were fired or resigned). This is to prevent a permanent incumbent class of moderators here at FOH. For this election cycle, this means that:

TBT-The Big Toe

Are ineligible to run. To those that made the full term, thank you for your service, gentlemen.

There are also rewards for completing a successful term as Amod. If you successfully complete a 6 month term you will earn a unique medal to commemorate your service and will also be awarded an amount of forum currency equal to being a Silver Donor. Why a Silver Donor and not Gold? Because for the duration of your term as Amod and for at least 6 months afterwords, Tucobucks items are not allowed to be used by Amods or recent Prior Amods. This is to prevent any potential abuse from any grudges that may have been festering from their time as Amod.

There will be 5 positions. This is to make sure that there are enough people to cover the majority of the forums, and an odd number in case of a tied vote over some issue or another. There will also be 3 alternate positions for people to be "on deck" in case they are needed. These will be the next highest vote-getters.

First week - announcement and rules posted JUN 1st - JUN 8th
Second week - campaigning. JUN 8th - JUN 15th
3rd week - voting. JUN 15th - JUN 22nd
4th week - transition period. JUN 22nd - JUN 29th

Moderators will assume power after voting is finalized on the 22nd. The term for this round of moderators will be from JUN 2020 - DEC 2020. Unless the conditions are met to hold a special election (see new moderator rules and guidelines).

Voting process:

A thread will be created with a poll that lists the names of the people that have campaigned. A link to their thread is not necessary because they are in the same sub forum as the poll.

You will receive 5 votes (unless the number of positions change) and will select the 5 people you wish to lead you into greatness. It is that simple.

This will NOT be a public vote and you will not be able to change your vote so consider wisely and carefully.

The people have decided and all registered users not in a banned state shall be able to vote.

Good luck in your campaigns, candidates!
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