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Life's a Dream
30d 14h 5m
I've quickly looked at all of the layouts on the new board. I was one of the many default theme users from the board as of Friday. This new theme is terrible compared to the old though. Allow me to detail reasons:

1.) New vs. Old posts - The new theme uses bold to differentiate new post and unbold for previously read posts. However, the size of the font makes it difficult to quickly discern which posts are new vs. previously read. I believe the old theme used by the board also used a different color. Bright red + bold for new, duller red + unbold for previously read.

Seriously, that's way too similar.

2.) If you click on a thread that's flagged as previously read, it defaults to page 1. Not the current page. That sucks.

3.) The new theme looks neat, but it's way too busy in my opinion. Could you restore the old board theme for us to select if we even want it? Maybe if a mod wants to, they could flag this post as a poll for restoring access to old red theme vs. Don't look to the past, keep only the new themes.
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Ahn'Qiraj Raider
37d 1h 45m
I can't read the other thread, the politics thread, or frankly most of this forum because I do not see first and last page numbers anymore nor an alternative way to just skip to the end of a thread.

I shitpost by phone so typing page numbers into the address bar to hop around is worse than being waterboarded.

Seriously the fuck is going on...
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