Office / gaming chairs


Golden Squire
16h 23m
Couple older threads around, but I am in the market now and was hoping for some more current perspective. I work from home and spend most of my free time gaming so I spend a LOT of time sitting and frankly my old ass is tired of the cheap chair it is been housed in.

Anyone have a chair they swear by? Hoping to stay under $1500. Couple of them that look good to me are:

but any and all suggestions welcome

Lost Virtue

Trakanon Raider
I would go Embody, Leap, Aeron, Gesture, Humanscale (in no order). Can't really go wrong with any of those. I will say that the Aeron sucks if you sit cross-legged due to the front digging into your leg. I have a Leap (v2) that I use at home and absolutely love it.


Lord Nagafen Raider
116d 20h 2m
I sat in one of the Herman Miller Aeron's at a fancy office design place and I wasn't all that into it based on the serious amount of money that they cost. Their Envelope Pocket Desk was also pretty cool, but the portion that stayed level was really narrow and there were no drawers. I like the look of their stuff but god damn the price tag!

I ended up getting a DX Racer, one of the Iron series that isnt quite as loud on colors as some of the others.. I'm not a huge fan of the neck pillow position on it, it seems like it might have been made for someone who runs about 6' 5" (I'm 5' 11"). In hindsight one of the DX Racers that the 2 cut-outs in the back for the neck pillow to strap throught might have been better.

Best piece of advice I can give is do everything you can to go to a place where you can sit on them. You may or may not like some of the adjustments they have. I got the 4 way adjustable arms on my DX Racer and I really like it, but based on your desk you may or may not want that. If there is any kind of a gaming store or huge office store that stocks some of these I would definitely recommend going and sitting on them first, unless you don't mind going through a couple of chairs till you find the right one. Get desk measurements too, some of these chairs are huge or extremely wide, the minimalist ones like the Herman Miller stuff can prolly fit on any desk, but some of the true "gaming" or "racing" chairs can get huge.


Golden Squire
16h 23m
Sweet. Thanks for the feedback, will look closer at the suggestions when I get back home tomorrow.

Thanks folks!


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19h 44m
I bought a Nightingale CXO Chair, then my wife sat on it and I had to go back and buy a second. Both are five years old, and look and function as well as the day they were purchased. I just hope that if I ever need to buy another one, say in 20 years... that they will still be available.

The Dauntless One

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I just bought an Aeron Remastered fully loaded. I tried both the classic and remastered and the remastered is way better. The new lumbar support and variable tension on the mesh is amazing. I've tried my cousin's embody but didn't like it. Looks amazing though.

They currently have their biannual 15% off everything sale.