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167d 3h 15m
As I explained in the ForumQuest 2.0 thread, the PCC forum is going to become a place where users must opt-in to a usergroup to be able to access those threads. This is being done to further insulate that area from anyone who is not a member of FoH and might wish to do us harm from being able to access that area in today's political climate and use anything posted there against our users or the site itself.

What's the process for gaining access to the PCC forum? It's very easy.

1. Go to the Shop tab at the top of the forum and click on it.​
2. Where it says "Categories" on the left, click on "Passes".​
3. You should see 1 item called a "Bully Pol Pit Pass". This item costs 140 Latinum, which is equal to 14 days(!) of site membership you must spend to purchase this item. Click on the "Purchase" button.​
4. Click "Add to Cart".​
5. A cart widget should appear on your left, click "view cart/checkout". EDIT: On Mobile, click the "Categories" button again to view cart.​
6. You should have 1 item selected in your cart. Click on "Purchase".​
7. Huzzah! You're now part of the group who can access and post in The Bully Pol Pit! Congrats?​
8. If you should ever change your mind, go to your inventory page in the shop and click "Discard" on the Pit Pass item and you will no longer have access. If you change your mind yet again, repeat steps 1-7.​

I'm not enabling this just yet, as I want everyone who posts in that area to have a seamless transition without running into error messages. To that end, I will give everyone until Monday August 3rd, 2020 -1 week from today- to buy their Pit Passes before I restrict access to anyone who has not purchased this item.

If anyone has any questions or problems, feel free to ask in this thread.

Thanks, and happy Foruming everyone!
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96d 13h 37m
Back on chamo.com the default message for editing posts was "public verification of my homosexuality".

I feel this is in keeping with the spirit of consentual faggotry.
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Archmage Lightning Lord Rule

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167d 3h 15m
You guys take that forum way too seriously. JFC.

I've had to give more than 3 people username changes due to doxxing or attempted doxxing from people outside of the forum due to the opinions those people have posted in the politics section. This is a real issue that I'm doing my best to solve so that people can have peace of mind that they can be secure from outside threats when they post here at FoH.


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83d 16h 1m
also, when is twitter coming back? Have an opt-in for it. It's been over a year