Politics Thread

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2 Minutes Hate
I lolled today when I saw DeMint resigned to go work for the Heritage Foundation. Here's a man who hated Obamacar and did everything to stop it and get rid of it, then he quit his job to go run the think tank that invented it.


Vyemm Raider
24d 14h 1m
Yep unemployment shooting back up, in the middle of the holiday season, Merry Christmas/happy holidays libs.


Please don't reply that gallup is biased in their unemployment number, I'm 99% certain BLS is going to publish the same number, unless they somehow forget to include California again LOLOLOL.


Ssraeszha Raider
44d 9h 3m
I'm just going to post once in this thread and never look at it again. It took about 5 hours before I raged at the Morenetz version. I hate you all.


Elisha Dushku
1d 15h 29m
Liberals are awesome.

Conservatives are stupid.

Obama's sabotaging the Fiscal Cliff negotiations with his demand for an uncontrolled debt limit because he wants to go off the fiscal cliff because he thinks that'll put him in a better bargaining position.

On the other hand.

I don't give a shit because he's wrong about the better bargaining position and if we go over the fiscal cliff the three card monte at the Fed will get exposed.
Anything that reins in the Fed is better long term so Obam's doing the right thing for the wrong reason.
I don't see how the GOP can benefit from going over the fiscal cliff, in fact I see the democrats intentionally going for it.

It appears easier to get the taxes on rich raised that way, then start pushing through new tax cuts for the poor / middle class in 2013.

How big of assholes will the GOP appear when they start blocking tax cuts for 98% of people as a negotiating tool for the top 2%.

"We can't give you guys a tax break because, well, the evil democrats don't want to give the rich a tax break!!"

For some reason, I doubt average dude on the street will care about the rich persons tax break. (exit polls from the election on raising tax on the rich seem to support that assumption also)


oh and inb4 some trickle down nonsense. I ain't seen no trickle down so whatev's rich people.


Trakanon Raider
27d 13h 7m
Today I had to drive the bosses car and got to listen to some conservative talk radio. Holy hell, they are still depressed. I almost felt sorry for them until they started talking about how they had some hope when Obama was elected because they could "put racism behind them".

It feels like the republicans are really starting to try to talk themselves into liking the non-whites.
Over the fiscal cliff and republitards have to negotiate lowering the upper tax rate, as opposed to negotiating to hold the rate increase down as much as possible. Obama is right to stonewall them.