Politics Thread

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Golden Baronet of the Realm
59d 9h 22m
I think I know how to solve the immigration/rapefugee problem. So we start with some starship troopers levels of “Service guarantees citizenship” then let’s for instance take all the able body pussies who won’t fight for their own land like in Syria so I take these clowns throw them through basic then ship them back off to Syria as infantrymen, once we have killed enough on both sides to reduce the population or as we could call it “freedomize” a country we can call it a US territory and let these troops settle and live there.

It’s a win win win, we teach able body pussy men to fight for their own lands, we expand United States greatness, again these would be new territories not states we wouldn’t want these people casting votes or anything important, but it does allow us free reign to pillage all the local resources. It also limits population which can be a boon to all climate changers.
Gotta renounce that islam or they are gonna snackbar their whole platoon.

OU Ariakas

Get it ALL together and put it in a backpack
<Bronze Donator>
53d 9h 8m
This is a cult

When has repeating your argument ad nauseum ever been a good strategy to change someone's mind? It is more off-putting than a screaming match with an opponent because at least they are actually refuting your arguments with their own. Whoever wrote their gospel had 0 grasp of human behavior and instinct.


Well known Agitator
82d 19h 29m
latest attempt by CIA to make Trump look bad.
North Korea expanding, not abandoning missile bases
US officials have long known about the Yeongjeo-dong base, but images show construction on a new facility seven miles away not previously made public, the US news channel reported.
remember the last time when the norks painted the roof of a building and they said MISSLE BASE ACTIVITY ACTIVE!

Now we’ve had more than a year of calm, with no new missile or weapons testing and Kim Jong-un has been slowly opening his border with South Korea.
In that regard, we have what at least appears to be progress on the Korean Peninsula.
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Trakanon Raider
34d 22h 7m
Not that I remember but apparently we did shut down for a day.

They also left him laying in state for longer.

It was in 2004 though, so there were a lot of other distractions.
Fed employees have always gotten a day off when a president dies - for the past few decades anyway. I remember being pissed because I had to work on one of these "holidays", I think it was Nixon's. Feds in the DC area also get Inauguration Day off every 4 years - to ease traffic so they say.
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29d 22h 52m
My point wasn't that it was a barrier to employment. My point was that today, right now, women are heavily incentivized to get a degree, much more so than men, and that people follow incentives, which is why you have college graduation rates that are 60/40 and still widening. Even without talking about blue collar jobs, I'm willing to bet that the greater than 50% of male programmers/software developers have 'some college' and no degree at all, where I'm willing to bet that over 90% of female programmers have actual degrees. The average woman is also just plain better at school compared to the average man, this is scientifically proven with over 100 years of data. That applies across all subjects, even mathematics.

You are just arguing aside from the actual point.
Good at school (indoctrination) failure in the workforce. gotcha.


Blackwing Lair Raider
14d 14h 52m