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I honestly think that if we do nothing these leftist SJW types will just simply eat their own. Give them 2 more years and none of them will be fit to run as they do not pass their Salem purity tests to be eligable. Not a risk worth taking, no, but I really am starting to think that will happen.
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I agree.

Most jews i've ever know, -especially- Israeli jews, want to move on from the perception of victimhood in the social conscience. For the generation that were the victims there is not a single thing wrong with being utterly preoccupied by it. An awful lot of good can come from that kind of public mourning. I'd reccomend Ellie Wiesel to anyone. For their children, it's something you can talk about your parents went through and it still has a real impact on your daily life through them. By the time we get to grandchildren and great grandchildren it's moved from a public issue into a private one.

Jews do integrate. Self denigrating humor is part of that in America, anglicizing names is part of that, and knowing when to stop complaining in public about something that happened to your great grandparents is another. They won't integrate so much that they lose their traditions and cultural identity. No one should expect them to either. That's not what it's about.
This is the least true post I've ever read.


The Holocaust and victimhood is literally the most essential thing about being jewish according to jews.
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