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Ssraeszha Raider
44d 9h 3m

A website called Phresh even published a short article about the dish, titled, "Ikea's Jerk Chicken With Rice And Peas Is Your Cultural Appropriation Nightmare Come To Life."

"The Swedish [furniture] company took what is probably the most [popular] Jamaican dish [and], well… white washed it. The uninspired version featured white rice and green peas (WHITE RICE & GREEN PEAS!!)," the author wrote.

Despite some social media defense, it seems the pressure was too much as IKEA has issued a formal apology and removed the item from their menus:
I'm confused. Is the problem that they put peas in the rice?

Had it just been rice and jerk chicken, is that okay? It seems like there are no complaints about the actual jerk chicken.

If it had been jerk chicken served with a side of potatoes, would that have been offensive too? What side dish would have been okay?


Trakanon Raider
29d 5h 4m
wonder if they lifted the recipe from the NY Times, recipe from 2013
it also had a companion story
Traditional accompaniments are savory rice with crowder peas or red beans, plantains, sweet potatoes or yams, and a fried corn bread called festival. I had the idea to make my rice with coconut milk and fresh spring peas, which may not please purists.
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We're America, bitch!
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37d 23h 32m
Wait a sec...

Can I skip work today for video games I mean Climate Change?
Depends. Is your boss a liberal piece of shit? If he's not, can you convince a woman or black person in your office to say they want to go first? That way he can't say no (for fear of being labeled a misogynist or racist), and once someone else can go, you can too!
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Silver Baronet of the Realm
48d 20h 22m
(i've been selective about the ps4vr tho, i only brought it out once and have refused a few times, those times i knew kids would be there, fuck that"

When I first got my PSVR the kids were playing with it and spinning around and doing kid things "WEEE!!!!" and then the next time I went to use it- it had a constant 25 degree tilt and a slow drift, no matter what - there was NO way to fix it in software- I did the spin it around to re-center and reset the gyros etc. etc. etc. - it was apparently a known issue...

Eventually I just did a hard reformat reset on my PS4 (pro) and it fixed it- so it was software, as I had reset, unplugged replugged etc. etc. the headset and box a billion times- did calibrations in the UI and in game...nothing.

So now whenever they go to use it I sit them down and make sure they do not go crazy... if that were to happen again, URGH