Politics Thread


Karazhan Raider
188d 6h 38m
that would be hilarious to watch

also how are people with no money or jobs paying $15.20 a gallon?

While Venezuela has faced gasoline shortages for years, the current state of affairs in which Venezuelans have nearly no access to fuel has been in place for over nine weeks. According to the Argentine outlet Infobae, Venezuelans are currently paying as much as $15.20 a gallon for gasoline on the black market as of this week.
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I'm With HER ♀
101d 12h 4m
For once I wish the DNC would use their dirty Jewish tricks for good and make a backroom deal to get rid of Biden. And by get rid of Biden, I don't just mean off the ticket, but preferably off the back of a moving train.

Unfortunately Jewish tricks don't work that way.


Potato del Grande
218d 6h 29m
If the GOP's strategy to win is "Biden is racist" then I sincerely hope they lose every election from now until the end of time.
So far I haven't seen the GOP do much of much to Biden. It's the Napoleon strategy of 'Never interrupt an enemy while he is making a mistake'. I expect him to admit to fingerbanging all his children and grandchildren before this is over.


Vyemm Raider
33d 4h 39m
so I guess uncle tomming black folks who may not support who they're told is just openly and blatantly stated by politicians and msm now, while at the same time turning all political will and efforts towards mexicans.

luckily they'll be able to steal this thing with lies and fraud, cause god damn that doesn't seem like a winning strat to me
All Trump has to do is win one of those 3 states and FL. The polling is all over the place, he's up 10 in PA but down 10 now in WI? That's a 20% swing in both states in about 6 weeks. I wouldn't say Virginia might not be in play as well at this point. Trump has so many ways to win and Biden only 1 way, win every single swing state. At this point Trump has to be a massive favorite.


Vizconde Dorado del Reino
179d 11h 44m
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