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Archdruid Archeron

the Site Surgeon
<Granularity Engineer>
21d 21h 46m
I volunteered to assist with site styling a few weeks ago. While I did update the "Fires of Heaven" (default) style to fix a few modest issues, I decided to do most of my work on a new style so as not to disrupt everyone's experience as I modified things. The new style spent a week under beta testing is now ready, so I am inviting all of you to try it out and VOTE.

  1. Site style combining Google Material Design, the base UI.X style, and traditional FOH + WoW color palettes
    1. Much requested darker, darker, darker has won the day; the style is darker!!
  2. Designed with reading in mind, so:
    1. Headers are reduced in size
    2. Report, Edit, Quote, Link, and Reply links in posts have been simplified to icons
  3. Style works well on both large display and mobile
  4. Reactions add-ons have been tweaked to fit with our use (e.g. long list in the SS Forum)
  5. Sticky threads isolated from the main list and moved closer to sub-forum list
  6. Tweaked paging system works better at all resolutions.
  7. Highlight avatar borders for admins, mods, and super donors, plus a grayscale version for our potatoes trapped in the Rickshaw. (Donor avatar picture tweak is coming soon.)
  8. Font (text-spacing) spacing adjusted in order to improve readability on both large and mobile screens.
  9. Forum list restored to single forum per line
  10. Forum sections are collapsable and the state is retained to your browser, so you can collapse sections that you never read.
  11. New member styling for Donors, Super Donors, Moderators, and Admins.
  12. New site Rank Titles (under the control of the Mod team) that can be awarded and show up above your name.
  13. Forum specific styling, including options to do custom fonts, backgrounds, etc per forum
  14. Transparent page styling allowing full page backgrounds
  15. Updated site logo using the original transparent PNG file
  16. Site statistics only show on the main forum list page (homepage).
  17. and, many more minor modifications....
You can switch styles in the footer where it reads "Fires of Heaven" or you can click here

If you dislike certain elements, you can add comments here.
If you read a comment about something that you also want changing, like or solidarity it. The number of votes increases the likelihood of it changing.

Background: I started with the constraint that "background = black is best", and "important links should be red", so I rolled with it and built up a small color language around it. Additional colors were taken from WoW as an homage to our second home (after EQ). Mostly because they had a good color language to build from and Daybreak-EQ crap can piss off. The yellow was used as the "Selector" color. Green, blue, and purple were used to convey additional information as they grab attention less than the red through yellow end of the spectrum. Styling of member groups is: Super Donor is WoW Druid Orange (my main in EQ and longest main in WoW was a druid, so *shrug* I went with it even though I am a now a site admin), Mod is WoW "Blue Posts" blue, Admin is WoW Warlock Purple, Mrs. Gravy Mrs. Gravy got WoW Paladin pink, WoW Guild Officers got WoW Huntard Green, and I greyscale'd the Rickshaw'ed and Banned avatars.

TODO: I am still planning to evolve the background images: movies will change every few months and will add the ability to rotate multiple images at a time, other forums will get images/icons/whatever based upon popular opinion. I am planning to add fun hidden features later this year pending a few add-ons that we are waiting for completion of.

I am planning to add "FOH Stealth Mode" as the next style that will look virtually identical to Google Inbox for those that want to view FOH at work and make it less conspicuous.

Stay tuned.



Immersion Slayer
<Granularity Engineer>
29d 21h 49m
This is some fine work, and I don't even mind the Huntard Green.
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Trakanon Raider
12d 20h 42m
The new 2.0.1 theme has both pros and cons. I don't care enough to go into detail, but I do care enough that I will not use 2.0.1 and say that removing the "Fires Of Heaven" theme would be a remarkably stupid thing to do.


Throbbing Member
66d 9h 47m
New one looks fine I like the layout better than the current. People hate change though, so i assume you should keep both.


35d 5h 49m
I like most everything about the new design except for some of the colors. I know you harped about the black but stuff is still not as black as the current default theme :p The overall theme feels a little too gray for me. That is the only thing that makes me hesitate to switch full time to this theme.

However, there's pretty much no way that you could appease everyone with one color scheme, I don't think. I might be in the small minority, I don't know. Would it be a burden to have a few styles that have all the same formatting and those types of changes, but with some different color combinations?
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Ssraeszha Raider
36d 23h 36m
Not a fan, personally. Read one page and then switched it back. Hurts the eyes.


Starve the Devourer
That being said I kind of like this new 2001 style but I dislike the different colored text immensely. Nobody here needs that much flair. Not even Mario.
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Uninspiring Title
<Bronze Donator>
35d 14h 45m
I love the new style, been using it a few days now. No complaints. I prefer the row layout that harkens back to original FoH.
I think new style should be default but keep other as an option for sure
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Golden Knight of the Realm
39d 6h 20m
After switching to the white Xenith style while the dark ones were in progress, I've discovered white on black is much harder to read for me. Please leave Xenith the same no matter what the default becomes.
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Starve the Devourer
I think I'm going to vote to turn down the white just slightly on the text but keep the current default as default.


Night Janitor
<Moderation Tools>
47d 20h 49m
I would prefer the background to be closer to black, but I do like this better than the current default.

Definitely don't want to remove any of the theme options though.


Immersion Slayer
<Granularity Engineer>
29d 21h 49m
Changed my vote to switch the default but keep the current theme as an option, because let's face it -- it costs nothing to keep it. There should be a caveat, though, that you guys shouldn't be expected to keep working on the old theme forever. If it breaks, it breaks.


Golden Knight of the Realm
24d 20h 11m
I voted switch but keep the option for the classic.

I'm digging the look of the new setup so far.