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116d 11h 35m
I hope these kids amp up that smirk to 11 when they collect their billions.
i think when all is said and done. Sandman is walking away with maybe 20 million in his pockets. none of these lawsuits will ever see a courtroom. everyone is gonna want to settle. ill just be happy with a couple mil from each person, especially those like Kathy Griffin so she can complain for another 2 years and have to sell one of her dozen mansions because she's a billionaire.


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30d 6h 15m
This was in West Virginia. There were two shitty in my town, the rest were actually pretty good. I'll let you guess the demographics of the shitty schools.
Did they look like these 15/16 year olds that arm robberied a cellphone store and went on a high speed chase in a stole car in my fucking neighborhood Saturday.

No Trump hats though so they be vic-tams

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