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Date the ban will be lifted: Never
73d 22h 30m
What a pussy

Edit:. Olscratch or whoever did this, obviously not suineg. Given this actually happened, figured I should clarify


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124d 1h 16m
man was this olscratch guy one of those cucks that got his wife to join the guild and cyber w/ the guild leader so he can get first dibs on mad loots?

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126d 34m
I'm glad that we all came out of this situation with our anonymity intact. Doxxing is still a real threat in this day and age, and anonymity's one of the reasons I feel comfortable in this community to be able to express myself, unlike almost any other place on the interwebs.

Thanks Suineg, you are a prince among shitposters.


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31d 15h 29m
I hope you forget the lube when this goes to court. Sucks that you had to deal with something like this.
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Date the ban will be lifted: Never
73d 22h 30m
Can we get the sanitized legal docs posted up suineg suineg ?

Whatever came to you etc? Kinda curious to read them


Vyemm Raider
29d 22h 32m
Olscratch, I know you are reading this and I am going to be responding with legal backing against you. You need to retain a lawyer right now.
lol, I knew it before even reading his name.

Thanks for taking some heat for this community, Suineg.

Folks, if you see stuff you think doesn't belong, report it. The mod team we have now is pretty happy to send dickheads to the rickshaw and we have a fairly high rate of responding to reports with action.
eh, it depends what it is. I've reported racist shit that wasn't targeted at blacks and the response was "why would you want to lower yourself to that level?". I mean I get it, racist shit doesn't bother me; I see someone being racist as an easy way to judge that person's character. just make it equal if you're going to enforce it, or don't enforce it at all.


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60d 13h 11m
This angers me so much. Never in the past few days since I noticed the bird had fallen did I suspect it was this.
I support full legal action against the person who attacked Suineg's job.
Give em hell Suineg


Date the ban will be lifted: Never
73d 22h 30m
suineg suineg

I got the joke, just thought it was a serious statement followed by a joke.

Anyway yeah, pretty fucked up. Clean his clock man.
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34d 1h 36m
All kidding aside, that guy needs to grow up. You don't go after someone's livelihood because of a war of words on the interwebz.

If it was him, I hope you bury him in legal bullshit, suineg suineg , and that you have some measure of fun doing it.