Suineg Stepping Down


Delicious Noodles
16d 7h 28m
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We (@Amod) have been given the full keys to the administration of the forum and suineg has left the forum. He has turned the forum over to a friend to run the server itself. We the administrators will be managing all day to day issues and making all future decisions.

He has no legal recourse due to a failure in the way the system works and has elected to remove himself from the situation. Nobody will be unbanned because of him stepping down. Olscratch and Kegkilla will always be unwelcome here as will anyone that tries to negatively affect the site itself.

There was a doxxing of those two individuals and the moderators have removed that thread from the normal areas of the forum. This is not something that we are going to condone but our hands were tired by his last wishes that we leave it alone for 24 hours. Thought it is in bad taste what he did on the way out it is not illegal and sometimes fire is fought with fire.

We know that one of you will be feeding Olscratch a screenshot of this post. You haven't won Olscratch, but suineg took himself off the board and now you have no leverage. We all win with you being gone forever.

His last wish as he left was that Screamfeeder Screamfeeder and @Hoss be kept on permanent forced ignore to wallow in their pathetic misery.


Vermin Supreme
<Donors Crew>
34d 14h 51m
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Suineg was by far the best owner we've had so this is sad news. I didn't agree with his last decision but he really put a lot of work into this. I can only hope that karma finds both Keg and scratch and mercilessly provides some justice. Sick people need help and sometimes there isn't enough help in the world to help them. May this latest incarnation continue to somewhat prosper.


Slayer of Kerafyrm
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12d 4h 51m
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Some men are small and some stand large.

Suineg was a large man and I bear no ill will and numerous regrets.

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra.


The lad himself
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11d 21h 22m
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Not awesome news. Thanks for everything Suineg. Amods, please don't let us down.


Molten Core Raider
14d 10h 24m
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Prefer Suineg stick around personally. Can always migrate again if him staying on these boards creates a chance they go up in smoke


Vox Populi Jihadi
<Donors Crew>
16d 19h 1m
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Keg was always a cancer in this community. Good riddance to he and Scratch.

Suineg get your ass back in here dawg. Fuck this noise.


<Donors Crew>
19d 22h 28m
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@suineg, even if you don't want to run the place anymore, at least stick around and shitpost with us!


Lord Nagafen Raider
5d 7h 28m
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@suineg You will be missed. Thank you for giving us a new home.


Slayer of Kerafyrm
77d 10h 42m
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as long as the board is being "kept in the family" and not sold off to a CraigMMO type for phat l00ts, its fine, though i dunno why Suineg has to leave the board for good. also do we have any backup for this board in case we need to move yet again? if we have to go over to reddit i'm also ok with that as long as we are still together.


Perpetually Pessimistic
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Prefer Suineg stick around personally
Suineg get your ass back in here dawg
@suineg, even if you don't want to run the place anymore, at least stick around and shitpost with us!
Agreed, also please no gay shit like "I'm not @suineg I'm 'Sueneg'!" LoL.

If it's just a break, then so be it.

People can bitch and moan all they want about this version of Fires but from where I'm sitting this was a much more open version of fires than ever before. People were given the reigns to their own demise and usually that demise didn't even come via some unannounced banning. People were given warnings upon warnings and still managed to fuck up their own shit.

For better or worse, this iteration of fires, has been pretty amazing so far. Hopefully people can keep their shit grounded now instead of going all nutso.


<Donor All-Stars>
21d 7h 56m
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Internet Drama is so fucking dumb. /sigh

It is sad that things have gone down this way.


<Donors Crew>
43d 6h 7m
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Well that's disappointing. @suineg, you did an amazing job with the forum, I'm sad to see you go, and I hope you can come back some day without all this bullshit.


Knight of the Realm
17d 13h 37m
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Not really sure what to make of all this. No donor status and I imagine there are/were threads behind that wall that further address everything going on? I've read the legal and Amod one so I know the jist of everything.

@suineg I've been on FoH since 03 and I honestly feel you're the best Admin this community has ever had. I'm going to try and remain hopeful that you're not permanently leaving this community and that one day when this bullshit is all over you'll be back in the Captains seat.


Aten Ha Ra Slayer
52d 8h 32m
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@Amod petition to have a
Suineg like
Olscratch dislike

How horrible must you feel if you 12 olscratches?


Aten Ha Ra Slayer
62d 6h 3m
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So does anyone want to help me murder Keg and Olscratch? Really just need bus fare I guess.