The FoH Special Counsel (FoHSC)

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93d 23h 44m
I posted this earlier this week in the election thread, but I think this investigation needs its own thread now:

Lightning Lord Rule said:
After much deliberation, I've decided on a course of action on how to investigate the various.... irregularities that have occurred during the campaign season here at FoH. There's been several questions raised so far, and one egregious abuse of power that has triggered this action.

-Who is [IMG][/IMG] Donald Trump really? Several possible accounts have been put forward as the culprit, but the logs are inconclusive.

-Who tampered with the poll? After checking, there is no log at all of this action. This means it can only be someone with admin access, or possibly server access itself.

This last action has led me to activate the formation of a FOH Special Counsel (FOHSC) to help me investigate who's behind all of this. I've decided that the FOHSC will consist of the following people:

Denamian Denamian
ZyyzYzzy ZyyzYzzy

As the only 5 people to make it a full term as Amod, and who were ineligible to run in the election, who better to have no dog in this fight and be able to lead up an unbiased investigation?

Their purview will be as follows:
Investigate the true identity of all of the top 8 vote getters. Everyone's a possible suspect of alt activity here.​
Investigate the log history of the past 24 hours and who may or may not have had access to the server.​
Investigate all forum activity of all top 8 vote getters for the past 3 weeks in an attempt to find any suspicious activity.​
Investigate any other irregularities that may arise in the course of this investigation.​

Later today I will promote them to Admin so they have the ability to carry out this investigation.
There's been a couple of changes to this. First, a new usergroup was created for this purpose. It doesn't show up as staff online, but it has all the powers that admin has. These powers are necessary to carry out their investigation. You can @ this usergroup using Prior Amod Prior Amod to call their attention to any theories or evidence you may be privy to. They will of course welcome any help that anyone can provide towards resolving this investigation.

I don't know how long this investigation will take. It might be days, it might be months, however long it takes to get to the bottom of what happened. I feel this investigation is absolutely necessary to secure the future election integrity and the franchise of the voters here at FoH.
Good luck to the Prior Amod Prior Amod in the solemn task ahead of them.


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32d 20h 20m
I thought this was mostly tongue in cheek at first, but it's serious, eh?

I thought only one person besides LLR had admin access.
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41d 14h 54m
I for one, believe in Donald. There's no collusion, no collusion at all. Just look at his daughter Ivanka. Isn't she beautiful? Unlike crooked Hillary's daughter Chelsea. She only dates bad hombres. Sad. We need that wall, to keep rapists and murderers out


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53d 1h 0m
I thought this was mostly tongue in cheek at first, but it's serious, eh?

I thought only one person besides LLR had admin access.
Sure, we may joke around a bit, but it is serious. Irregularities have been found and the admins have given us a mandate to figure out exactly what is going on and who is responsible. If you have any information pertinent to our investigation, please page us with the aforementioned tag, or you can contact one of us privately if you wish to remain anonymous.


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41d 14h 54m
If this doesn't end in a public lynching streamed live on the forum's front page for us all to view, it will be a wasted opportunity!
nah, this shit need to be taken out to the public platform. it'll be fun

ps: btw who the fuck cares enough for the mod election to mess with the voting? I mean, it's just pathetic, like crying after jerking off
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