Venezuela reinstitutes slavery. Go socialism.


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I honestly don't expect asians to be able to tell the difference between someone that looks French or someone that looks German or someone that looks English. There is (usually, not always) a difference, but you have to grow up with it to notice it.
yup, it depends how you grew up, imo.

Aside from blends of asian and whites or what we call mutts, it's easy enough for me to tell different asians apart. I will have the most trouble w/ island asians.

I grew up in Brooklyn so i can easily tell italians and jews apart, vikings and germans are harder to tell apart.


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it's a thai pic, heres the getty
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Why? white ppl can't tell ethnicities apart, i mean, thats the simplest answer.

My short, long black haired thin non glasses wearing asian wife got confused w/ her short, mid black haired tubby glasses wearing hispanic friend at the office.

The only two things they had in common were that they were the same height and not white (or black, white ppl can tell blacks apart)

It's easy to tell that is not Venezuela, there is electricity.


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It has to be socialist themed porn though.
Well, seeing as how common it is in socialist countries that your pay increases with both your biological age and how long you've been on your job it would mean socialist porn featuring tight 18 year olds would be dirt cheap, but you'd have to pay a premium for some 50 year olds who have been turning tricks for 30 years! Yummy! Gotta love socialism!


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NPR said:
Venezuelan Supreme Court Judge Denounces Maduro Government, Flees To U.S.
A Venezuelan Supreme Court judge who once supported President Nicolás Maduro has fled to the United States and publicly denounced Maduro's re-election days before the inauguration.

Justice Christian Zerpa left Venezuela with his wife and two daughters, according to Miami broadcaster EVTV. Their destination in the U.S. was unclear.

Zerpa met a reporter in Orlando and told the outlet, "I think the president, Nicolás Maduro, does not deserve a second chance because the election he supposedly won was not a free election, was not a competitive election."


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Why did we let that shitbag in?
Now the ones with money that are coming in are the ones who were ok with things because it favors them, but have fallen out of favor recently. In fact he was directly named in the sanctions recently against the Venezuelan government.

Fuck that guy, he was part of the problem. I hope the US freezes every single penny he owns in foreign banks.
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