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This. Indians I have found over the years just WON'T think outside the box in general. They will pretty much do exactly as told.
And that would work great for some products. For us, it works absolutely terrible, as we support 3000 customers, each with a unique telecom environment comprised in most cases of 20+ years worth of mismatched garbage, from refrigerator-sized TDM phone switches to the latest cloud tech, each running on top of a unique customer provided IP network that we have little to no access to or even diagrams of how they're put together, (except in the few cases that we built or manage their network as well, but even then our project teams just throw away their diagrams after they're done with them...)


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Its not huge, but in Belgium you get 16 weeks of payed leave, per child, for each parent.

This is on top of the maternity leave, which can be max. 15 weeks for the mother.

A woman could get pregnant, work until 1 week before giving birth, take the remainder of the 14 weeks maternity leave, followed by the 16 weeks payed leave, and after those 30 weeks some of them are pregnant for >20 weeks again, so they can pretty much chain these forms off leave, with some regular holiday sprinkled in, since those days are retained in full (minimum of 21 payed days / year).

For someone working half-time, the 16 weeks are turned into 8 months, so those can go on permanent pregnancy leave for years. Obviously these forms of leave are a "right", so the employer can't refuse them.

You are also protected legally from being fired, as soon as you report the pregnancy to your employer.

tl;dr we give tons of payed leave so certain groups of people just have their wife breed 10 children so they can skip work for a literal decade and go into permanent unemployment after. This hasn't improved our society.

Of course before they go into maternity leave, you have them "work" for 4 months (120 days minimum) at a friends kebab restaurant, for a fictional wage of 5000 monthly, so that their replacement income which is 75% of their reference income, is actually above the modal income of people that work full-time.

I'd write a book about this kind of abuse and sell it in Africa, but someone must have beat me to that.

I'm not saying that the government should pick up the difference. I think that the individual should assume the burden.


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94d 14h 22m
I'm not saying that the government should pick up the difference. I think that the individual should assume the burden.

Indeed. If you want kids, pay for them.

This would improve society a lot. Having children should not be a right, because globally those who have most children, have least chances of making their children into contributing members of society.


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9d 16h 30m
Engineering firms have been trying to outsource CAD work to India for years. They are fucking terrible. Like worse then the dumbest cad tech from itt tech.

My sister was bottom of her class in the CAD program at ITT Tech. Can confirm, she's fucking useless.


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40d 17h 54m
Someone brought up an interesting wrinkle in the whole 'return to office' plan -- bathrooms.

Even if we were to do something that made the giant open floorplan less prone to disease transmittal we only have one bathroom per floor.
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5-10% of them are passable and the rest cannot do the most basic function.

When we brought on an Indian provider to handle our very most basic event filtering/event response, it was like cloning our absolute worst in-house employees 30 times over.

When I was working all those hours of overtime, probably 70-80% of it was unfucking what they fucked up and doing RCAs on how simple problems went undetected because they ignored 100s of alerts over days or weeks.

I skipped over the Indian Revolution. The worst people I dealt with were 45+ y/o washouts who never aspired to anything other than watching the clock.
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